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It's hard to convince many sports-minded men of this, but a bright red face or neck doesn't look good on anyone. Wear a high-SPF sunblock whenever you are exposed to the sun and apply hydrating cream to your face and hands after sun exposure.

Nose Hair/Ear Hair: Use nose clippers or small electric nose shaver to nip protruding hairs. The same implement works to keep your sideburns and the hairline at your neck neat-looking between trips to the barber. Eyebrows: If your eyebrows grow together above your nose (the monobrow syndrome), consider waxing this small area.

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I don't think men should tweeze hairs above or below the brow line, as a man's own natural brow usually suits him best.

Body Waxing: The is a well-accepted option to remove hair on the back or chest. Go to a salon that does waxing for men.

Covering Gray: It's a great way to deduct years from your appearance. Use caution with at-home hair colorants, as they can be tricky to get right. It's probably best to go to a salon or barbershop in your city that does hair coloring for men. Start with a minimal amount of coverage to see if you like it.

A white mustache or beard can in some cases be charming and in others quite aging if it's the latter, consider covering the gray or returning to a clean-faced look.

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