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Improve overall health with borage oil. Derived from the seeds of borage, it is packed full of GLA (gamma linolenic acid), a ‘good' fat that promotes healthy skin, hair and nail growth by supplying the body with essential fatty acids.


This powerful antioxidant and moisturizer is the movie stars' favourite. It occurs naturally in the skin, and can accelerate cell repair. Taken in tablet form, it provides mechanisms for the body to heal itself, so after prolonged use it can rejuvenate the skin as it begins to function better.

 There is nothing greater than that; it is the extreme limit of any kind of reality.

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From what you have said, it should follow that ordinary human beings and beautys are not different and that might lead some people to take the attitude that they do not need to do anything. Fundamentally, there is absolutely no difference between a beauty and an ordinary person. I am purely presenting Yogacara and Buddhist tantric notions. I am not offering this as a personal view of the whole thing. However, as far as the tantrikas and the mahamudra practitioners are concerned, our obsession with wanting to do something, with wanting to achievesomething, is what obstructs us from seeing reality. We do that every day in our conventional experience. We do not feel comfortable with who we are and what we are and so we always search for something higher or something greater. Would it be true to say that all we really have to do is let go? Yes, fundamentally speaking, that is right. However, according to traditional Buddhist practice, people cannot just jump into mahamudra.

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