If, on the other hand, your makeup is disappearing into thin air (I think it must be going to the same place where all the missing socks go!), you are probably not using enough makeup or are being too subtle in your application. Think about applying makeup so that it is denser, not heavier. (This is what I’d call using a slightly heavier hand with makeup.) It may seem more dramatic than you are accustomed to first thing in the morning, but it will last.

The whole trick in getting makeup to adhere and last for hours comes down to the layering of creamy (oily or wet) and dry textures. Concealer, a wet substance, for example, will stay put only if you lock it in place with powder, a dry one. Your skin type is part of the equation, too. So when your skin is oilier, you will have to adjust with a less oily foundation, less oily moisturizer, and most likely more powder. I can’t emphasize enough how important powder is in locking in makeup (see chapter 11). Without it, makeup is sure to evaporate.

The key step to ensuring that makeup will really last is wearing the right moisturizer for your skin type.


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