âœIMPERFECT❠BEAUTY: TAKING FLAW❠AND MAKING IT YOUR MOST STRIKING FEATURE I love a cleft in a woman’s chin. I love really pale skin. I love deep-set eyes, extremely full lips, and strong, hooked noses. For me, it’s not âœOh, how do I fix it?❠Rather, it’s claiming the features that make you who you are and making the most of them. Some call these qualities âœflaws,❠but I find that they are the key to finding one’s own beauty identity.
My definition of perfect beauty is that it be unique and completely individual. Unfortunately, my way of thinking is not yet universally accepted. No one ever told me as a child that my deep-set eyes were beautifulâ”but I now know that they are a striking element of my look. No one ever says that freckles are niceâ”but I think they are beautiful and should never be hidden.


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