Scenario Three: Stuck in a Rut â¢You haven’t changed anything about your look since high school.
â¢You, and everyone around you, is bored with your look.
Start with a serious new haircut. Make an appointment for a consultation with a top hairdresser in your community. (If you are unsure which salon to go to, ask a friend or even a complete stranger whose hair you like.) The point of the consultation is to hear the hairstylist’s recommendation and also to see whether you feel comfortable with this person. Remember that you are in control of this situation. Do not do the cut on the spot, even if you love the idea of the cut. Think it over, then schedule your appointment.
A modern, updated cut is usually about a quite simple shape. It is generally wise not to have lots of layers cut in, which tend to look either old-fashioned or too trendy. A measure of a haircut is that it looks good after it is washed and air-dried without styling tools or blow-dryers. It’s useful to have a nonstyling option for weekends and holidays.


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Prom Makeup For Hot Pink Dress

Prom Makeup - Modern Magazin

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