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On film, everything is magnified one million times, so the fundamental makeup objective is major coverage. All makeup must be applied more heavily and more matte to counteract the harsh lights of television or video. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look pretty to your eye when you look in the mirror. Foundation: Use creamy, heavier-than-usual matte foundation. Or use your regular cream or stick formula, just more of it. Television turns foundation paler and orangey, so choose a yellow-toned foundation that matches your skin tone but is one half-tone darker. This is a moment to mix your own foundation the dark and medium shades for the desired effect. Makeup should not look cakey and pasty.

Concealer: Use more concealer than usual two coats at least in a shade that is slightly lighter than your normal concealer shade (i.e., mix your regular concealer with a lighter shade).

Powder: Use lots of it. The ideal is to have three shades on hand your normal shade plus one shade darker and one shade lighter. Over foundation: Choose one half-shade darker face powder to warm your complexion. (Mix a one-shade darker powder with the normal shade of face powder.) Over concealer: one half-shade lighter powder generously applied to eliminate the appearance of dark circles. (Mix a one-shade lighter powder with your normal shade of face powder.)

The more matte, the better. The finish of your face should be matte, not dewy. Don’t worry about the appearance of lines the strong lights will blow them out. Even the tiniest bit of dewiness or moisture on the face will look like grease on film.

Define: Carefully define brows and eyes, but avoid extremely dark shades. Blush and Lips: Rose, red, and pink tones look pretty on television. Color needs to be brighter than you are accustomed to wearing for day, but not Day-Glo bright.

Best to Avoid ‚Orange-toned blush, lips, and foundation.

‚Blush and lip colors that are too soft you could look washed-out. ‚Shimmer shades will look greasy.

‚Beige or brown lip tones you need a little bit of brightness.

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