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Like all living things, it gradually ages (or not so slowly!) With the time spent in our bodies, which is a mixture of cells. Free radicals, the greatest enemies of healthy skin, are molecules that have unpaired electrons. Since they are not mapped, they can freely roam the body and play the mapped electrons, causing the destruction of healthy cells. Perhaps the most obvious symptom of aging is a pale, wrinkled skin.

You can preserve your skin’s shelf life by preparing and using Vitamin E and betacarotene enriched products, both of which help protect against free radical damage and soften and soften the skin.

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In addition to base oils and aromatic oils, there are many other herbal ingredients that can be used to strengthen home-made skin care products. These additional components are divided into three basic classes: water-type vegetable and vegetable glycerin; medicinal plants; and coloring plant.

Here are the 2 most important oils:

Olive Oil

Olive oil is squeezed from the very mature olives of the Olea europaea trees that grow around the Mediterranean. Olive oil is very good if there is leakage, it is obtained from the first tightening of olives. If used at sufficient quality, the products may give a slight green color. The oils obtained from the ongoing pressures of the oil (pure, pyrite, etc.) contain much less nutrients without leakage. When mixed with a lighter oil, olive oil brings a wonderful mixture of massage oil to dry skin. Use up to 100% ratio for base blend.

Peanut Oil

It is perfect for peanut oil, oily skin or facial products, a very light oil from the peanuts of Arachis hypogaea. However, many people are allergic to it, so it is especially important to apply a skin patch test with this oil before using it.

Extend the shelf life of your skin

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