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What is a fast and easy way to change my makeup at the office to go out to dinner in the evening? The logic behind adjusting makeup from day to night is this: Light is usually much lower in the evening, so makeup must be better defined to show up. Think about switching to a darker, deeper, or brighter lip color, such as red or burgundy. Or, if you prefer, do a pale, shimmer lip and a dark eyeliner.

That is the concept of one-flavoredness. Emptiness, which cannot be separated from the phenomenal world, is self-existing (Ihun grub).

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It does not depend upon causes and conditions and is entirely unconditioned. That type of emptiness is again very much a Yogacarin concept. Normally, emptiness is not seen as self-existing.

Emptiness does not exist, so how could it be self-existing? However, in the tantric or Mahamudra tradition, it is expressed as self-existing. Emptiness or thusness is also called ever-perfect emptiness. ? One-flavored ness comes about because ever-perfect emptiness pervades everything.

That is a Mahamudra term and it is not used in any other context. It is not even used by the beauty, Ever-perfect emptiness is mam kun mchog Idan gyi stongpa nyid.

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