Much of the âœperfect❠makeup you admire on faces in advertisements and magazines should probably come with the warning âœDon’t try this at home.❠To my taste, makeup that is retro, highly technical, stylized, and glamorized is not modern. Who has the time? Who has the energy? Who wants to look untouchable and painted?
That is not to say that I sometimes don’t enjoy doing strong and creative makeup myself. Some people wrongly assume that I only do natural makeup. I welcome the opportunity to work on editorial photo shoots where I can create looks that are novel, completely unexpected, graphic, and artistic. I have done black-and-white lips, dark smoky eyes, shiny lips, greasy skin. No, these are not looks that are intended to be part our daily lifestyles. I wouldn’t really recommend going out on a dinner date made up in this way. This sort of image serves another purpose altogether. It is about fantasy and dreaming. It is about stretching our imaginations and breaking down boundaries. If you are shocked by and attracted to an image of near-black lips, maybe you will be inspired to try wearing a deep berry-or a rich burgundy-colored lipstick.
What you don’t know about images printed in magazines might surprise you. Sometimes models’ faces are taped back at the hairline to create a more taut appearance and the more uplifted eyes of a starlet. Often eyebrows are dyed and plucked within a hair of extinction. What’s more, the âœperfect❠face you might envy has probably been heavily doctored with the photographic process known as airbrushing or fixed to perfection in a computer. Real-life moles, dark circles, facial hair, pimples, enlarged pores, red splotches, bloodshot eyes, even saggy arms or thick thighs are all made to disappear. It is difficult to imagine that these same flawless actresses and models are women just like you. But I know very well from working with celebrities and models on photo shoots that they struggle with the same skin-care woes and makeup crises that you do. Believe meâ”no one is flawless and no one is immune from bad beauty days.
Bobbi at work, making up a model backstage at a fashion show. I’ve found that a lot of women feel insecure about the way they look. Helping women feel better about themsleves is a big motivation in doing the work I do in life. We can’t help comparing ourselves to the perfected beauties we see on billboards, in magazines, and on television. Look, there’s Cindy! Now there’s Claudia! It’s Christy! There’s Elle! Each one is more gorgeous than the last. We know them by their first names. Supermodels have become our superstars. Somehow in the process, though, normal women are made to feel less than adequate and very unpretty.


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