Exposure to sunlight leads to premature skin ageing and the cumulative effects of wrinkling, blotchy pigmentation and roughness. Sun-damaged skin is easier to bruise and is less elastic.


Often you hear people say, ‚ “I wish something like that would happen to me.‚  They want these fantastic things to happen and they take them as very real rather than as myths.

Thats right, but myths have their own function, too. It does not have to be a story about a saint or an enlightened being; it could be a myth about some sea serpent, dragon, or whatever. They have their own function for the human mind. I think that without myths human beings would go berserk. They keep us sane, as well as insane, in some ways. That is why people keep producing more and more myths all the time. Myths are fairy tales for adults. Within each Tibetan school there are innumerable biographies and autobiographies of spiritual masters, every single one of them completely dramatic. It is interesting. The Tibetans divide the biographies of spiritual masters into inner, outer, and secret levels. When they say a lama gazed at the earthen pot and it cracked, the outer meaning is that people get inspired by such an act, the inner level has a symbolic meaning, and the secret point of view would indicate something about the masters own spiritual experience; it is not a physical act as such. There are those three levels. Rnam thar, ‚ “biography,‚  literally means ‚ “story of liberation.‚  They are really amazing, because they are supposed to tell you the gradual development of the master, how he worked with himself, how he advanced, and finally how he attained liberation.

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