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Step 1: Remove the massage cream. The steam was turned off and the massage cream was removed with cotton pads. At this point, I was napping and I felt like a fool!

Step 2: Skin examination. After reviewing the magnifier for a few minutes, Donna explained the decision: Normal skin was slightly dehydrated with mild pore blockage in the T zone. You might think that with all that massage cream and steam my skin’s thirsty condition would have improved, but Donna informed me that she was still a little thirsty. I was not using the right humidifier in sufficient quantities and needed to increase the daily water intake.
Step 3: Remove. Now the fun part is coming time to get out.

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Anyone who has had a facial treatment usually does not want to live in this period. Some aestheticians dictate, pinch, and pull up to the appearance of a battlefield with a rough appearance. In fact, it is also an art to decipher a boil appropriately, or to reveal a black spot where it is hidden. Fortunately, Donna was very kind. The skin was so well prepared with steam and massage that all the dirt, oil and make-up residues in my blocked pores were easily removed.

Step 4: Fit high frequency. A high frequency machine that looks like a toothbrush base with a mushroom shaped glass rod head gives a slight electric current when applied to the skin. The heat generated by this device increases circulation and metabolic activity in tissues. It is used to remove microbes and bacteria after the removal process and to help heal stains. Donna’s high-frequency rod circulated in circular motion in the face and neck, concentrated in the T-zone where the vast majority of the inferiority processes were applied.

Caution: If you are pregnant or you are using a heart pacifier, tell your aesthetician before you face it. High frequency current should not be used under these conditions.
The high-frequency stimulus rod produces a mild electrical current that helps heal redness, kills fungi and bacteria.

Step 5: My skin is refreshed with an antiseptic lemon tonic. Cool and groan!
Step 6: Mineral mask application. In order to calm, heal, and disinfect the skin, only the extraction areas were covered with the Dead Sea mud mineral mask with the help of a brush.

Step 7: Mumming. My eyebrows were scrubbed with a brow brush to shape, and Donna used a small candle application tool to apply candles at a sufficient temperature to remove excess hair from the upper and lower parts of her eyebrows. Then he put a piece of cloth on the candle, and every time he rubbed it gently in one area, and with his finger to help it stick. The fabric gently and rapidly pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth and immediately applied pressure to get the feeling of temporary sinking. Ugh! It gave the feeling that a sticky band was being torn down quickly. Actually the result looked good! I did not have to use tweezers for another four weeks. While the shave only cuts superficially, the blushing hair pulls out from under the skin.

Donna then removed the mud mask with hot, wet cotton pads.
Step 14: Eyelash painting. The dark color the color I choose for my cuffs is great. My lashes are dark brown with yellow tips, so they do not look as long as I want. Donna painted them brightly. I usually do this once a year, but I am doing this luxury myself recently. I am aware that this is not a completely natural practice, but when applied properly, it is harmless and gives me a very emotional and aesthetic support!

Facial and body waxing is a natural hair removal process preferred by many women and some men, leaving the skin very smooth, peeled and leave the hairless for 3 to 4 weeks. If you use wax as a special method for hair removal for many years, it tends to reduce the intensity of hair growth.

The hair removal wax product used by many beauty salons is either 100% wax, wax and paraffin blend, or resin and oil blend. Several beauty salons may be using a sugar based product.

Warning: If you are using externally applied skin remedies such as Retie or Accutan, or if you are using glycolic, alpha or betahydroxy acids on your skin, you should not apply the waxing procedure. These products dry and dilute the outer layer of the epidermis, and under these conditions, candling can cause severe irritation. If you are using any of these products, inform your esthetician.

Step 15: Wetting mask. While the paint was drying, Donna applied a face and neck whipping mask. It smelled great! After 20 minutes, the eyelash was removed with wet cotton bands and the mask was removed with hot, wet towels.
Step 16: Vitamin C Gentle skin massage was done to soak and nourish the superficial C vitamin with cool drops of serum, to protect the skin from environmental problems, and to help improve sun damage. The high-frequency machine was once again used, but this time it has to populate the depths of the dermis so that it can show its effect in the best possible way.
Step 17: Do not imprison the ship. A light, seaweed based cream was applied to impregnate all the benefits I had.

Result: The face really shone! It was plump, soft, rose-like and revitalized. The thin lines had disappeared and I looked like thirty instead of thirty-six. Enlightened, trained and all-important, I am completely in control. He is in peace with the world.
I would recommend anyone with a facial, just to relax, even if it is not for skin care. It is a real great stress reliever.

Skin care applications in beauty salons
It can also be used as a facial massage oil for all skin types, except for the penetrating, gentle, skin-nourishing oil, very oily, sunburn and sour face skin. If applied regularly, facial massage increases circulation and moisture retention, resulting in a smooth, shiny skin.

2 tablespoons sesame seeds, almonds, witch hazel or jojoba oil

6 drops carrot seeds essential oil

4 drops of essential oil


Assemble all components in a 30 mL dark glass flask. Thoroughly shake it to blend. Keep it in a dry, dim cupboard. Eat within a year to get good effect.

Make-up removal: Place a few drops on the soft part of your ring finger and apply to your eyelashes or lips. You can scrub your lips to remove lipstick, but do not rub your eyes. Instead, keep your eyes closed for 60 seconds and allow the oil to penetrate your eyelashes and melt your caviar. Very gently clean your makeup with sweeping movements from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner, using a damp cotton piece.

For facial massage: A teaspoon oil is enough for a 5-minute facial massage before bedtime. Move from the base of the throat to the bottoms of your ears along your chin line with up and out movements, then make circular movements around your cheeks and around your ears and lips. Get inward from the outer area, with slight contact around your eyes. Then, starting from the middle of my forehead, with each hand, up and down, head outward, with your jokes, finish with circular darbetks. Repeat the entire process five times. You do not need to rinse because the whole oil will be absorbed from your skin.

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