IN SEARCH OF YOUR OWN BEAUTY STYLE I’ve always made a practice of looking at women. It’s sort of a private mission to survey as many women as I can, whether I’m walking down the streets of New York City, waiting for a plane at O’Hare Airport in Chicago, or grocery shopping in suburban New Jersey. It’s a great way to learn about beauty and fashion style. It is not an envious or jealous sort of observation we’ve all had the uncomfortable experience of being obviously looked up and down by another woman out of insecurity or jealousy instead, I look in a nonjudgmental, sometimes even admiring, way and ask myself: What does she do that I can learn from? How is it that she puts her hair in a ponytail so that it doesn’t look sloppy or teenaged, but easy and sophisticated?

Why do her stockings work so well with her shoes? Why does her shade of lipstick look so pretty? Why does she look good?
You can apply the same rules of observation to characters on television or in the movies. (This is much more useful than looking at supermodels for style direction.) The idea is to be realistic with whom you look at choose someone who is close to your age and shape. If your body is a little rounder, don’t look at someone who is string-bean thin for swimsuit ideas. Magazines that have stories about real people can be useful style-scanners.


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