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I have this whole thing in the background of my posts. And I got it really recently. I am scared a picture that everybody wanted to know where. I got it from what it was what. I thought about it a lot of people asked for reviews. And I thought it would be a good idea just. Because it’s going to be living kind of in the background of my posts at least with this set up and. So I thought. I would go ahead, and tell you guys about it nicholae. I got it from QVC comm QV C has websites for a lot of different international countries. So I would just check your um QVC website, and search for makeup organizer, and see if it comes up in your region but. I know that it’s on the us’s website.

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So if you’re interested in that, and you live in the US it’s readily accessible to you there it was it’s made of kind of a plastic material it is kind of a sturdier plastic when. I used to work at Clinique our display cases were actually made with this exact same kind of material. So it is something that, I’ll kind of familiar with it is definitely resilient, and it’s easy to clean. So even though it’s white it’s not going to be a big deal all you have to do is wipe it down with a rag, and some household cleaner, and you’ll be totally fine actually purchase this for myself. Because. I wanted something that was going to sit up on my vanity, and a hole is kind of my everyday makeup well. I got this. I put it up. And I put my everyday makeup in it, and it fills up like a third of it maybe a quarter of it and. So then. I added more makeup into it. So the is all of my favorite makeup basically the stuff that. I reach for on very often there’s a couple of my favorite pieces that don’t fit in there. So there, I’ll stored separately but most of my favorite very favorite makeup is in this little area. So it’s definitely awesome for those of you guys who want that easy access it’s definitely really great as far as access goes. Because you can just spin it, and get to what you want to really quickly. And I think this would hold a normal girls makeup collection very well. So, I’ll going to go through each of the six different sides tell you about the different compartments on each side, and what. I was able to fit in them, and hopefully that will help you to see whether this would be a good idea for you evenly spaced sections on this first one, and set on an angle. So the back is a lot deeper, and then up here is a little bit more shallow. So you kind of have to fit bigger things toward the back, and smaller things toward the front. So over here. I have all my cream products. So I have these Maybelline cream eye shadows that fit really well in here as well as the positions for me the gel eyeliners, and these. I mean they’re fit pretty snugly in there but they work they fit, and then down here.

I have three NYX blushes or, I’ll sorry – NYX flushes, and a Revlon cream blush. So those fit back there really nicely, and then this next one has two compartments they’re evenly spaced, and they’re you know just a little bit taller but they’re the same kind of angled thing as we have on this other side. So over here is just miscellaneous stuff. I didn’t really need any more makeup on here. So I just kind of put some random stuff in there’s probably a lot of things that could fit on here all the same things like the same what things as in here could fit over here. So if you have some things that were a little wider, and a little taller it would probably work really well right here up here you have one, and the is evenly spaced. So it goes back in kind of a square instead of being at an angle, and you have these little dividers. So you can place powder products on it which is really nice the other cool thing is that these little dividers actually snap right out. So you can pull it out, and you could put wider things in here if you needed to, and these slots are actually widest in the middle, and then these are a little bit smaller, and these are a little bit thinner. So a Mac face powder fits kind of snugly but it fits in the middle but it definitely wouldn’t fit on either one of these -. So what. I have is. I have a Mac one right here, and then this hard candy Tiki bronzer which fits really comfortably right now you can see it can like move around a little bit, and then on the sides. I have my Marylou manager, and sexy mama um translucent setting powder from the balm on either side. So that fits, and it kind of works, and then with this one the is a Physicians Formula shimmer strip, and it actually is a little bit big but this top part removes. So you can kind of pick it up, and this top part will move. So you can kind of get it in. So if you have something that’s a little bit bigger you can kind of make it work, and kind of squeeze it, and if you need to then this bottom section is actually what sold me on the whole thing. Because it goes all the way through, and you can store pallets in there. So I have both of my naked palettes in here my lorac Pro palette, and Ingot palette, and then this mini Z palette it’s like one of those little tiny square ones. So you can fit all those in there or if you wanted to you could just store like shorter things kind of like the C palette on both sides of the compartment the only thing is that the isn’t very tall. So you wouldn’t be able to fit. I don’t think Mac palettes would fit here. I know that. I have some palace by the bomb that don’t fit in here, and a normal size Z palette doesn’t fit in here but again these like kind of staple items that a lot of people have like the naked palettes, and the pro palette bit just fine it is huge it’s like really tall.

So if you had anything bigger that you wanted to set over here you could for me the makeup setting spray worked really well right here, and then. I have these two kind of taller powders that worked out for me right here but if you wanted to put like a body mist or something like that, and there. I would fit really nicely. So on this side you have like a small little compartment, and then a little bit of a taller compartment. So I have my foundations, and congealers up here. So that kind of works out really nicely there you’re able to keep a lot. So I actually have three foundations, and a makeup setting spray back there. So you could actually fit a lot of foundations in here side is directly opposite. So the is the other side where the palettes come out, and you can see that. I have some shorter palettes right here. So I put this Estee Lauder loose wear powder in here. Because the is a huge little thing of powder. So I had to find somewhere for it, and then my Beauty Blender, and you have an identical compartment to the other side. So you can actually put blushes over here if you want or whatever but you know more powder products Milani blush actually fits really well in this compartment, and Milani blushes are really thick. So you have to be able to fit something really wide there but again it wouldn’t fit in either one of these. Because they’re a little bit smaller the front you have three spaces for lipsticks it’s about an inch, and a half to two inches deep. So it’s pretty much perfect for lipstick if you were trying to put something, and that’s a little bit taller like a lip gloss it would be really high, and kind of hard to see everything in the back, and then back here is another deeper section you have six of these as well, and they’re about the right height for a lip gloss cause you can see that it goes down a little bit lower than it would if it was up here. So that it doesn’t obstruct your view of the things that are behind it as much, and then these back here are much deeper they would be great for things like pencils like you see right here, and mascaras even makeup brushes if you wanted to fit makeup brushes back here that would fit really well as well. So, I’ll just going to go around, and tell you about what. I have in each one. So you can see what does fit, and what doesn’t fit. I think. I have a lot of those kind of common things that people would own.

Hopefully this will be kind of a good overview for you guys start with this front area. Because it’s kind of random but they’re basically like a little sample size it um that. I have another Urban Decay primer potion up here, and you can comfortably fit two of the old packaging in here and, I’ll pretty sure the new packaging would fit pretty well as well, and then. I have the Maybelline great match clear mascara that. I use for my eyebrows, and you can also fit a couple of those comfortably in this section as well, and then that here right behind it. I have my cover girl twenty-four-seven mascara which. I don’t love but. I own it. So, I’ll trying to use it up, and if it’s in there with my NYX jumbo eye shadow pencil ends up really comfortably. I think if you got like a normal-size mascara like something like the great lash you could fit two of them in this back section but with kind of the bigger ones like the you would kind of have to have it share it with something smaller like a double pencil neck side. I have my favorite lip butters right here, and then. I have just two lip glosses. I have like my only NARS lip glosses right here. And I think you could fit three NARS lip glosses in these sections but anything that’s a little bit wider you’re like these NYX lip glosses wouldn’t really fit as well. Because they’re a little bit wider. So you can really only fit two of them in those sections, and then along these two sides. I have my favorites from the Maybelline Vivid’s collection. I really love this collection obviously out of my cooler tones right here, and then behind it. I have some statement glosses, and then behind that. I have my Physicians Formula jumbo mascara which. I love but. Because it’s. So big it does have to have its own compartment like you can’t fit anything else in there with this guy, and on this side. I have my warmer lipsticks, and then this palette is a little concealer palette by graftobian, and then behind that.

I have the Physicians Formula fake out mascara now you kind of get into the more random stuff over here but the is one of my favorite nude on lipsticks it’s soft nude by Revlon the is marshmallow bunny by Too Faced. I read this one a lot as well as really pretty it’s a nice like bright but natural looking color, and then cotton pink by L’Oreal which is another fun one to wear it is pretty bright. I usually play a doll with the nude gloss but it’s fun, I’ll, and then back here. I have three different congealers, and they all fit really comfortably in there. So these like smaller tubes you can definitely fit three of them in there you might be able to fit three of the MAC lipsticks, and lip glosses in here. I don’t own any of them but they seem like they’re about this size. So you might be able to fit three of those back there, I’ll testing out congealers right now. So don’t judge me. I have a lot but, I’ve been testing out a lot. Because, I’ll trying to find the stuff that covers up my under-eye bags to move this side we have more random ASSA tea this really is just some more like my leftover random lipstick favorite, and then. I have this Physicians Formula concealer the is an Estee Lauder concealer, and this one’s another Revlon concealer, and then behind that. I have all of my pencils. So I have seven pencils that fit comfortably in here one of them is one of these like felt-tip liners and. So I think if. I had like a normal pencil in there. I could probably get up to like nine probably ten pencils without it being like over crammed or anything like that that’s it for as far as what. I have stored up here now if you want to this little part of your does actually remove but it’s really heavy what it does. Because. I haven’t had a makeup in it. So just going to warn you about that but then inside you have another compartment in here. And I would use this if you had to take out any of the little partitions maybe you could put them in here to keep them safe it is kind of a chore to take this little tray on, and off. So personally. I wouldn’t put anything in there that. I wanted to get to really often but you know if you wanted to you could utilize that for more storage. So, I’ll sorry that turned into a little bit of like a mini makeup collection post.

I didn’t really mean for that to happen. Sorry the first problem is that it is really easy to clean it’s really nicely designed with lots, and lots of different sizes it holds a ton of makeup, and it makes it really easy to get to. And I think the price is really good. I mean is about what. I would expect for something like this something that’s made well, and sturdy, and you know easy to clean, and all that. I think it’s actually a really good price, I’ll not really upset by that at all, and the only con is that not all Mega can fit on it but. I don’t think that there is a way that you could design something where every single piece of makeup would fit. So you know it’s just kind of like a give-and-take there but. I do want to make sure that. I mention it to you guys that you might order this, and have like two or three pieces of make of the don’t fit in here. And I don’t want you to be surprised by that another Pro is that it is actually quite small it’s only by inches which means that you could probably find a place for it even if you have kind of a smaller space, and in the post on the QVC website they actually showed that you co put it underneath your bathroom counter, and bring it out every day when you want to use it does get heavy with all of the makeup in there. And I don’t know if you would want to do that every day but if you did you could but it is nice that it is a little bit smaller. So it’s not like if you have a normal girl amount of makeup you don’t have to buy like a whole like drawer set for it kind of works a little bit better this way hopefully this was helpful for you guys you can hopefully tell from here whether this would be something that you would want to incorporate in your life um you know just by seeing it in action seeing what does fit, and what doesn’t fit the is the kind of post that. I really wanted to see before. I bought it. So hopefully the is helpful to you got, and just remember. I did buy this myself the isn’t sponsored, I’ll not. I wasn’t given this or anything. I found out on the Internet, and it sounds like a good idea. And I want to tell you guys about it. So I hope you guys like this. And I will see you guys in my next post bye.

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