With manufacturing facilities across the globe, Pentair understands the importance of reducing its everyday waste. Pentair’s materials management process, LEAN Enterprise, helps it reduce and eliminate waste while maximizing the use of natural resources. To date, more than 45% of Pentair manufacturing sites have achieved zero landfill status*, including Pentair’s Hanover Park, Illinois, location, where Everpure cartridges are manufactured.

A facility achieves zero landfill status by recycling or reusing all scrap materials that would normally be sent to landfills. Today, 7 million of Pentair’s total 15.2 million square feet of manufacturing space worldwide is landfill free. In 2008, Pentair also committed to being 100 percent bottled water-free within all its facilities.

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Korean beauty curators, Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, co-founders of Glow Recipe, a natural beauty e-commerce site, brim with excitement when they talk about the ways in which Korean women treat their skin with reverence. For them, skincare isn’t just a daily routine. In fact, it’s a sacred ritual that often takes multiple products and at least 10 steps to complete.

Growing up in Korea, Christine and Sarah learned from their mothers early on that a thorough beauty regimen is an intrinsic part of daily life.

Korean mothers are such a wealth of skincare knowledge,‚ Christine says. My mother went to a facialist to learn how to make her own masks, and she never went to sleep without doing a double cleanse.‚

Sarah observed early on that her mother never left home without SPF and, while studying at an all-women’s college in Korea, saw firsthand how beauty products were revered. We’d have spa parties and daily beauty product exchanges,‚ she says. My friends were obsessed with beauty.‚

The partners are a matched set: Not only are they keenly aware of the skincare trends coming out of Korea but they have similar business backgrounds. They met a decade ago while working at L’Oreal Korea and became fast friends. Coincidentally, both moved to New York City in 2008 and moved


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