Inspired by their friend’s amazing honeymoon in both Sri Lanka and The Maldives, Rachel and Sirak Soloman chose to follow in their footsteps with an exciting stop-over to explore the jungles and wildlife of Sri Lanka before heading to the Maldives to discover the incredible marine life on its coral reefs.

The proposal

Oh it was gorgeous! I was in London for a few days with Kate, an old school friend. On our drive back to Liverpool Kate was texting a friend of hers called Ben all the way home. I wondered who ‹“Ben’ was! It was in fact Sirak under a different name, messaging and planning my arrival back in Liverpool. As soon as we got home, Kate said in a rather giddy voice, Sirak, we’re home!‚ beeping the horn. I laughed. She was actually warning him that we were back. I walked into our home that we had recently moved into and it was FULL of candles with ‹“our song’ playing in the

background. That’s when I saw him suited up the end of the garden. There were candles all down the sides of the garden and on the fences. He stood in front of a table with our initials written in tealights. I actually panicked at this point, still not realising that he was going to propose and said: What are you doing? Kate’s here!‚ He laughed and replied: I know it’s part of the plan‚. He then told me to turn around and there were a couple of close friends smiling like Cheshire cats. This is when I knew. I’m extremely emotional anyway so started to sob. He then gave a gorgeous speech, but I was too emotional to take in what he was saying! All I remember was that he got down on one knee and said: Will you marry me?‚ Obviously I said yes!

Tying the knot

We got married in our church where we met, Bethel Church in Liverpool. It was a lovely ceremony, everyone involved (right down to the registrar) were friends we knew, most from church. Then went to a hotel in town for the celebrations! We had such a special wedding. Everything was home made, personal and just so us!


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