March Beauty Favorites

Hi everybody, Welcome back its mulatto here and today is gonna be all about my March favorites and, I have a quite a bit of makeup products to share with you guys. So let’s just jump right in alright. So my first item is this funky-looking foundation brush and this is the artiste oval number 7 brush in the Gold Edition yes, I know it looks like a big tooth brush and I’m sure you guys have seen these all over social media and YouTube. But I am on the bandwagon it is really awesome it’s a really great all-around multitasking brush for my foundation for my bronzer for my contouring everything basically and.

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If you guys want to see a more extended review on how, I use this brush in particular leave me a comment and a thumbs up and, I will make sure to make it happen Thank You Michelle for recommending me this awesome brush, I am very very happy with it, I have been really really really loving this NARS cheek Studio palette and, I have done a first impression review on this along with the Tarte foundation, I will have it linked to right here you guys can click on the little icon this palette has been the only thing I’ve been reaching for it just has. So many great blushes has a great contour shade it has a great Fran’s err it just works beautifully on my face, I have it on today and a little update on the highlight, I have been setting my concealer with it, and it’s been doing pretty good, I like right here it’s been doing very good I’m very very happy with it next, I want to give a shout out to these boys right here these are the new color pop of brow pencils, I have the shades dope taupe and blondie. So basically these are just the regular like a typical brow pencil it has a split in one end and then you have the product on the other and super super thin. So you can create a brow stroke basically what, I do is, I fill and dope taupe my lower bottom portion of my eyebrow and then towards the very end like the wing of my eyebrow and then go with blondie, I fill in the rest basically in the front and just to give a more faded look a more ombre look not in just one intense color. But yeah I’m really really happy with these and did, I mention they’re super inexpensive yeah you guys should check them out next is another great product this is the new wooh this is the new l’oreal voluminous superstar mascara basically two and one you have on one side you have like the white primer that helps lengthen separate volume ice your eyelashes and the other part is actual mascara and the one is a little bit curved, and it’s just a great mascara just lengthens it volumizes and it just does something to my eyelashes that, I love and, I mean come on drugstore mascaras are seriously one of my favorites, I don’t know what else to say except for go try it out it’s great alright. So last. But not least for the makeup Beauty portion of the post, I have two lip products I’m actually wearing them both on my lips today, I have just been loving this duo right here the first product is colour-pop lippie pencil in the shade BFF 2 and this is just a beautiful new deep brown shade it’s kind of like my lip color.

But like two shades darker, and it’s just beautiful when you lout line it and fill it in and on top, I just have this alter-ego lorac lip gloss in the shade socialite, and it’s also just a really really beautiful nude shade and just mixed together, I think they make beautiful custom shade for my lips and, I think it complements my skintone very well what do you guys think, I am just really happy with this little belt right here and, I thought I’d share with you guys this is the by the brand a door, I believe it’s hi pronounce it and this Bell is for people that go running exercising and they have several products that they take with you. But take with them for example, I always take my phone. Because, I listen to music and this just is. So great. Because it actually fits my big phone in there, I have the six plus iphone and the reason why, I even bought this or even found it was. Because, I had the big armband and whenever, I put it like this and it just was really uncomfortable. So this this bell right here, I am super happy with it is really stretchy it’s washable and it just sits perfectly on the waist it doesn’t move everything is secure and it has many many slits for you to fit your stuff in there and it has a little zipper portion where you can pull up your credit card the OREA keys.

So yeah and they have several different colors, I got the black coin. Because it’s the most versatile and, I will have all the links listed um below. So you guys can check them out and, I am very very happy with and they’re very inexpensive we made it at the end of my March favorites hopefully you guys Mindy found some inspiration to chest out or try out new products let me know. If you guys even try it out any of the products that, I just mentioned. If you guys like them. If you didn’t let me know your thoughts down below give me a thumbs up. If you like this post.

If you want to see more posts in the future thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you next time bye.

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