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Crime novelist, film-maker and journalist Margie Orford (above) has received rave reviews around the world for her work. Her books have reached wide audiences and been translated into several languages. Like mother like daughter is an apt way to describe Olivia Rose Walton (left), 25, an aspiring writer “ just like her mom Orford. Currently completing her Masters degree in African Studies at Oxford University in the UK, Olivia has been writing and publishing in journals, newspapers and online since she was 18. With her ability to weave feelings and impressions into stories that delight her readers, shes been able to make people see the familiar in new and strange ways.

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Her empathy has allowed her to respectfully imagine herself in the place of other people, something Orford says is key to the magic of writing. Her writing is pared down, clean, distilled. It is also political and engaging. There is elegance to her thought and to her prose “ a deceptive simplicity that is imbued with thoughtfulness and care. And its beautiful, says Orford. Hers is clearly a voice to listen to WORDS FOR THE YOUNG STAR Be ambitious.

Work hard and then work harder. Love, lovers and husbands will come and go. There might be babies, there might not. If they are, take pleasure in all of them. Take the pain too, but what counts in the end is that you are true to your gift and your ambition. It will make you happy and then it is easy to love them “ the possible babies, husbands and lovers “ because being true to your gift and your dreams will make you generous of spirit and open of heart.

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