Margot Janse

THE ICON World-renowned chef Margot Janse (above) is the Executive Chef at the award-winning Le Quartier Fran§ais Hotel in Franschhoek. She is a multiple award-winner herself and represents the pinnacle of culinary excellence. Christine de Villiers, 35, started working for Janse fi ve years ago. Back then the young chef had little experience but loads of ambition.

Her determination to improve and succeed, applying huge amounts of self-discipline, has seen her make immense progress in the culinary space. Described as going back to basics, the artisanal way, De Villiers explores things at length so as to improve the fi nal product. Janse says, With Christine there is only one way “ the right way.

She is constantly searching for ways to improve what we do. Over the years, the young chef has proven to be methodical and focused, paying attention to detail in everything she tackles (such as the early-morning shift for The Living Room at LQF, where all the pastries are made from scratch every day).

De Villiers is now at the stage where she can impart her knowledge as a teacher and mentor for the other young chefs around her. WORDS FOR THE YOUNG STAR Stay humble at all times, stay focused, never compromise and keep your dream alive. I know you will succeed and I will be your biggest fan.

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