Margot Robbie Beauty Evolution

If you havent already, make sure you hit that comment button so youre not missing any posts. Margot Robbie has had an amazing career. I think she started when she was like 17 doing Neighbours in Australia. And then she came here and she had a huge break-out role in The Wolf of Wall Street, her first major thing alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. That is insane. I love that Margot Robbie puts her family first. And she talks about her brothers and how she couldnt even talk to her brother for a few days after The Wolf of Wall Street because of the nude scenes. And I just think thats so cool that she really puts them into consideration. Okay, Im ready! Lets do this. Lets work some Hollywood magic. I hope. For this first look you can tell its really early in her career because shes still very fresh-faced, isnt really pulling off anything too crazy yet. Not a lot of eye makeup, which she kind of has done some crazier things with eye makeup later in her career so its nice to see that other side of her. Oh my gosh! I feel just fresh-faced and I love having eyebrows. Thats very exciting.

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Nice addition. I havent worn a headband in forever so we should bring these back. The second look here is from her Wolf of Wall Street New York premiere and she is so bloging her character here. Her hair is just nice and wavy and just kind of tousled but still natural and its just beautiful. She has these sultry, smoky eyes. I have the butterflies. Im dying. Oh my god you guys are seriously magical! I dont want to ever take this off, or shower, or wash my face. I feel so glamorous. Ive never felt like this before. This is from the Goodbye Christopher Robin world premiere and she is so out of the box with this. She definitely has grown into a more mature look. Shes taken some chances on kind of a yellow-orange eyeshadow. Her hair is so cool. It is beautiful and its not even frizzy, so I am impressed. Oh wow.

Oh my gosh, my eyes look like the sun. This is nothing I would have ever tried on myself and Im glad that you guys did it. Its so colorful. It felt so amazing doing three different looks because I am such a Plain Jane person in real life with my makeup, so to have all these different colors and these sultry eyes, and then headbands! I thought it was so awesome. I havent played with makeup like this since I was a little kid and I stole my moms, so its really nice to see it done professionally and actually turning out just how Margot Robbies is. Thank you so much for reading. For more posts, click on comment button. And to comment, click on comment button.

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