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Hey with Maria Menounos updo from the Oscars this year a lot of you guys requested that. I do this hairstyle. And I really liked it. So I decided to do it let’s go ahead, and get started first off let’s talk about your texture if you want to recreate what she had you’re going to want kind of a tighter somewhat frizzy curl you can see, I’ll just going with loose curls, and then. I added in some extensions. Because she has a lot more hair than. I do. I totally wish. I had her amount of hair but basically. I separated my hair from the ears up. And I put in this giant extension weft, and in retrospect. I might not have needed that one but. I did also put two little ones on either side of my part in the front, and you’re going to have a middle part for this unless you really don’t want to do a middle part that you can do a side part, and those. I needed a little bit more. Because my hair is kind of thin in the front, and then if you want to bump your hair for this you go ahead, and bump it now.

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I decided not to just to stay more close to the original style. So then all we’re doing is French braiding the front right next to the hairline you start with the hair right next to the hairline, and French braid back diagonally going towards the back center of the head picking up hair from both sides as you go, and basically you go until you reach the hair just past the ear, and then you’re going to braid the rest normally, and finish it off with a small band now it’s important for this that you don’t braid too tightly around that front hairline or else you’re going to look kind of bald from the front, and the hair could look a little bit too pulled back. So you want to make sure to keep it nice, and loose around the hairline, and then keep a medium level of tension for this braid. Because you’re going to pull it apart a little bit to make it bigger later once it gets the end like. I said we’re going to go ahead, and secure it with a small band then you’re going to repeat the exact same thing on the other side the most important thing to this French braid is first of all like. I said make sure that you don’t pull it back too tightly, and second of all to make sure that you’re doing it at a diagonal angle if you do a downward, and then try to pull it back diagonally you’ll make funny little bumps that you’ll see from the front, and those could be a little bit annoying to deal with. So make sure that you’re braiding in the correct direction once you have both of those braids in you can pull them apart a little bit, and then we are done with this step, and we’re going to move on spreading the rest of the hair. So you’re going to take the rest of the hair in the back, and spy it in half, and then you’re just going to braid both sides like you would do if you were just doing a little pigtail braids. So you just braid all the way down with about a medium level of tension or really loose tension, and then you’re going to go ahead, and pull it apart.

So you have this really big loose, and you’ll see why we do this later but really you want to pull this apart, and give it as huge as you possibly can, and then you’re going to do the same thing on the other side making sure that you braid loosely, and also make sure you don’t accidentally leave you a little piece of hair out. Because that’s annoying to deal with later, and then once you have all that done of course we’re going to pull that one apart as well. So it’s just as loose, and we’re done with this step, and now we’re moving on to the bun you’re going to take one side, and wrap it in the first half of the oval that makes the bun basically just wrap your hair into half of an oval shape, and then make sure you don’t have any of your hair parting over the top like you can see my doing right there. I went ahead, and just took my hand, and loosened it up. So that you wouldn’t see any weird part line, and there would be a little bit of lift to that area, and then you just pin that half of the bun in place, and then you make the other half with the other side what this does is it gives the effect of looping, and pinning lots, and lots of little pieces of hair without doing all that work. Because we’re going to cover this up later. So we don’t need to fill the work in this way you can get that nice kind of looped look without putting all that extra effort into it. So now let’s finish it off you’re going to take the remaining braids, and pin them at the top corners of the button that we just made. So you can see, I’ll pulling this one back and, I’ll pinning it in place and, I’ll going to do the same thing on the other side then you’re just going to work with whatever amount of hair you have left you can see. I have quite a bit of length here. So, I’ll wrapping this one side around the outside of the bun, and actually tucking the tail of it into the loops. So it looks like the braid just kind of disappears into it which is a cool look then with the other side, I’ll going to drape it in the way that hers was draped in the original hairstyle this really takes it back to the original hairstyle. Because you could see this kind of looped braid hanging out on top of the rest of the bun. So I wanted to make sure to incorporate that but once you have all the remaining hair that you have left pinned you are done, and you can arrange those braids in any way that works with your hair links. I hope you guys have enjoyed this check out my previous Oscars tutorial by clicking on the screen or the description box. And I will see you guys on Friday with my next post.

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