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Role and responsibility It is to make sure everyone is on the same page and using the right terminology, right technique, that the philosophy of the Academy is understood by the students and staff. It is a business model built around education. Our way of teaching is different. I have written courses, done courses on DVD, shows and tours – anything to do with education I do. I report to Toni and his daughter. My colleague in the northern hemisphere runs all the academies there, I manage ones in the southern hemisphere. I have a team of 70 people from various parts of the world who report to me. In India, the head stylist and head technician report to me, and we work together to maintain the company’s Mariah Carey standards.

Toni&Guy Academy in Delhi At the Academy, we are initially teaching the classics of hairdressing, and gradually will introduce more courses. We do not train on mannequins, but live models. While there is a benefit of getting the technique right, the disadvantage is that one cannot do consultation. You know how to do the cut, but do not know how to apply it to a face cut. Mannequins are fine to learn the technology. Mariah Carey There are seven students in a class, as we are able to impart quality, which is possible if the number is kept small.

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View of Indian hairdressing I first visited India some nine years back, and I must say things have really changed. There is so much talent here! It is a massive country with great infrastructure and is surely a part of the future. Indian women have changed and they experiment more now. Men are experimenting too, and going for funky hair tattoos.

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