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With make-it-or-break-it Monday. And I look extra fancy today. Because. I just got done filming a prom hair tutorial, and the sad thing about these hair tutorials is that. I get my hair done. And I felt my after shots, and then. I don’t have anywhere to wear this. So, I’ll going to wear this super fancy hair. So I need talk about bobby pins. Because you guys ask me a lot about what bobby pins. I use what. I recommend that kind of thing, and bobby pins will make or break your hairstyle. I have a friend of mine that’s a hairstylist. And I heard her say one time that you she could do better updo with one good bobby pin, and she could do with terrible ones. And I completely agree with her they make or break everything you do. So the ones that. I recommend. And I found these two years ago three years ago. And I haven’t used anything else since them, and it’s the pro basics Mariana supreme bobby pins. I don’t know if the pro basics is that important but you’re looking for the brand Mariana, and bobby pins they come in a box, I’ve seen them in a black box with gold writing, and then clearly. I have a white box with blue, and black writing you find these at Sally’s there are about six or seven dollars for a box one-pound box of bobby pins there’s about bobby pins in here which lasts me like two or three months don’t judge me these a lot of bobby pins, and they are all over my house people ask me on YouTube how do. I keep four five pins from getting everywhere.

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I don’t my house is covered in bobby pins but anyway what. I like about them first of all they have a really sturdy metal. So the is what you can look for if you can’t find the specific brand in your country. So you can look for really sturdy metal. So I can pull them apart. And I can’t get this bent out of shape but it’s not easy to do. So that means that you’re not going to like be putting it into your hair, and it’s going to turn into a completely different shape while you’re trying to pin it into your hair. Because that’s really annoying it also isn’t going to be that annoying twisty thing it isn’t occasionally with the ones that, I’ve used over, and over again but especially when you first use them they don’t do that annoying thing or that like twist as you’re putting them in, and you can only get them in half way if you know what, I’ll talking about it’s a pain in the butt and. So I really enjoy that these are a little bit of a stronger material the other thing. And I think the is. Because it’s a more sturdy metal is that they’re a little bit more difficult to pull apart than your average bobby pin a lot of the flimsier ones they can pull apart very easily, and that kind of speaks to the amount of tension that they’re going to have on your hair. Because when they are really close together, and it’s really strong together like that it means it’s going to really pinch your hair together really well within your hairstyle. So when you pin it in its going to hold extra or rather than something that’s not holding as tightly between now it is a pain getting it into your hair sometimes. Because like pulling these two things apart is difficult to do but you know that once it’s in your hair it’s going to stay there, and then the other thing is that it has really great little rubber tips at the ends that is one thing that people just under– value in bobby pins if these little tips are not done well the metal will scrape against your scalp, and it will hurt. I think. I used to use Conair bobby pins or maybe this Gucci ones. I don’t know but they weren’t from the drugstore. I was one of those two brands, and the little tips on the ends weren’t always all the way there. Sometimes. I would be putting a bobby pin in.

I would be like scraping across my scalp feeling like. I was like cutting my scalp open, and you guys if you’ve experienced it you know what, I’ll talking about it’s painful, and it’s terrible. So I appreciate that. I have never had that feeling or sensation with these. Because they’re tipped really well, and that’s not all. I look for. I just want it to be strong. I wanted to hold together really well when. I pull it apart. So I wanted to at least be a little bit difficult to pull apart. And I want the ends to be tipped really well. So that it’s not going to cut my head open cut that is undesirable the is also a great price point. I mean six or seven dollars for bobby pins is awesome is way better than the price that you spend when you buy only a hundred for you know four dollars at the drugstore. So that’s good these come in black, and brown. I have not seen blonde ones, and that is the big con for this cut if you have really light hair cut. I will use black or brown bobby pins on almost anybody just like no matter what their hair color is, I’ve used black bobby pins on blonde hair before but it’s a lot harder to do. So um. I really wish they came out with ones that were lighter color, and hopefully they eventually do that let me know if you see around. Because. I just haven’t seen them in my area but anyway they’re really good you can also find these on Amazon they’re online, and random places like that. So if you don’t have a Sally’s around you or you don’t know where to find it in your country you can always Google them, and yes. I think they’re fantastic. I really can’t say enough good things about them these are right here Bobby pens that’s what, I’ve been using like. I said for years. I have experimented with other ones but nothing compares to these in my mind. So yes like you said Mariana finding that Sally’s find it online hope you guys love it as much as. I do that’s it for this post. I am kind of realized that today was Monday. And I had this massive plan for what. I wanted to do with make it or break up Monday’s this month, and then. I started working on it. And I realized. I need like three more weeks of research before. I can do it. So I had to come up with something really quick, and that’s what, I’ll doing today. So hopefully you guys enjoyed my review of my bobby pins, and that is it. I was you guys in my next post.

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