The counter top from the Tosca Collection was carved out of a single piece of brown Emperador marble. Its unique form allows more prominent and intricate veining of the natural stone.

She lived day by day, unsure of what she really wanted in life. When Steve came into her life, she was empty and void of so much that it was easy for him to give her some of the things she neglected to give herself. He pursued her, showing that he saw her as valuable, and took time to listen and get to know her. Before, Brittany hadn‚ „t even had the desire to pursue or get to know herself.


Steve sent her love messages, planned romantic dates and bought her gifts to show his appreciation of her. Brittany had never done anything nice for herself. She had never written words of affirmation or positive messages to encourage herself when she felt sad or depressed, and she would have saw it as weird to plan a date by herself or buy gifts for herself. She didn‚ „t think any of it was necessary. Steve even talked to Brittany about the future he envisioned having with her. Brittany had never envisioned much for her future. She had never had any idea what kind of future life she wanted. She was lost.

It‚ „s easy to understand how Brittany could latch on desperately to everything Steve gave her and, in return, give him her mind, body and soul. When she did this, she left nothing for herself, and when Steve stopped pursuing her and giving her everything she lacked, he was only treating her the way she had always treated herself. The important thing to understand about this example is that Brittany had attracted the same love, acceptance and attention that she gave herself, and that was what led her to an emotionally unavailable relationship.

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