Massage Your Whole Head

Massage Your Whole Head

Then, in the same basic direction, move over your whole eye area, and eventually your whole face in ever widening, concentric motions. Continue until you have included your hairline, the area in front of your ears, and your neck in these sweeping circles.

Finally, using your fingers like claws, sweep through your hair and scalp and back of the neck in circular motions. This will most likely feel very good and invigorating. You might ask a partner or friend to do this last step for you, if your range of motion in your arms is limited.

What to Expect

Peter Mansfield states: I have no doubt that a successful solution to the problem of ARMD will only be found by a holistic approach which addresses the physical, emotional, dynamic and mental aspects of the persons health. This will

obviously include working directly on the vision and so far, the Bates approach with the modifications I have described, is an excellent way to bring about real improvement, with no pain, no danger – not even very much effort – just a lot of fun.

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Hopefully your eye exercises and relaxation feel so good that you will do them without expectation of results. Most of my patients tell me that, once they begin these techniques, they feel so right that they have little trouble sticking to a regimen. I also recognize that persons with ARMD are apt to feel anxious about preserving and improving their vision. The effect of the vision therapy is like the effect of the relaxation response. It is a form of training, done in a relaxed state, that has a payoff under stressful conditions. In terms of vision, stressful condition can include times of emotional tension as well as attempts to see things beyond ones range of vision. You may find that reading simply becomes easier. Often patients tell me that when they are reading something that was formerly difficult, they may freeze up with the sudden awareness that they are seeing better, and then the letters blur again. This is a time to palm and blink. Many people report having flashes of extra clear vision at random times. These little gifts show you that your vision is improving even if this does not show up on your next eye exam.

Trust yourself!

Checklist for Step Five

V Learn to Palm, and do it daily.

V Begin to Swing every day.

V Use Rapid Blinking to relax your eyes.

V Find the Acupressure points around your eyes.

V Combine these steps with the six ways to relax.

Abdominal Breathing



Relax the Body

Relax the Mind

Breathe Consciously

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