Maternity Style for Pregnancy

When I was pregnant, I made it a point not to wear maternity clothes. Why? Well, they are quite expensive and are useful only for a short time. And the cutesy look of most maternity clothes (i.e., Peter Pan collars, overfeminine prints, and bows) is off-putting to me.

Instead, I raided my husband’s wardrobe for his crisp white shirts. I

also purchased a men’s jacket at a secondhand clothing shop and large-size button-down Oxford shirts at the Gap. I did, however, purchase leggings and jeans with âœpregnancy panels❠at a maternity clothing shop. One of my favorite looks from my third trimester was a black unitard (which creates a great long line) with a blazer worn on top. I wore my hair in a ponytail with âœgrown-up❠polished makeup.

Many pregnant women chop off all their hair out of frustration with their looks. Try to resist making a drastic or impulsive hair change you might feel miserably unfeminine about it later on.

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