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Hey Everyone clearly here eyesight for my may favorites. I have to say, I’ll sorry for being gone basically the whole month of May. I have a post on my second my blog where. I talk a little bit about that if you’re curious as to why. I don’t want to eat up the intro of this post talking about that, I’ll just going to jump into it, and by the way. I cannot believe that it’s June. I know everybody else says that but. I have never said that. Because usually it doesn’t really take me by surprise but it’s like halfway through the year, and like. I don’t know where the year went. Because. I feel like it’s still January it’s just been going very quickly. So anyway let’s get started it’s going to warn you guys Mays, and them all over the place. I have lots, and lots of different things we’re going to start with skincare. And I picked this up at Rite Aid at the very beginning of the month it is vitamin E skin oil, and it’s basically just vitamin E, and another little oil that basically helps it to kind of emulsify on the skin a little bit better, and the reason why. I decided to start using vitamin E on my skin is. Because it helps with the rapid healing of skin. Because it causes your skin cells to turn over very quickly. So people will often use this to heal burns or stretch marks on their skin. I wanted to use it to try to see if it would help with my little redness from leftover spots on my face. Because. I get a lot of redness right around here. Because. I have lots of little spots then they never come up, and becomes its but they’re like little spots, and then they leave red mark for a long time, and it’s basically just a little baby scar.

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So. I wanted to see if using vitamin E oil would help to kind of heal that, and it’s actually not a lot for my skin it’s been very good. I actually will use this at night. Because it does feel very oily and, I’ll use it all over my face, and. Because it helps with that rapid skin cell renewal it actually makes your skin much more radiant, and much more glowy but it also did really help with the redness. Because like. I said those were sensitive kind of scar areas that needed to heal and, I’ve been mixing it with my Michael Todd hyaluronic acid plus C serum. And I talked about this one before. I was in a favorites post a couple months ago. I still have been using this every night often, and then sometimes, I’ll use it in the day of my skin is feeling a little dry, and the reason why. I mix these two together is. Because to make this as effective as possible you want to mix it with something that’s going to help bind it to your skin. So a moisturizer or a serum of some kind. I chose this one. Because it has a really great humectant in the hyaluronic acid which basically not really seals all those stuff that you’re putting in here down to your skin but also draws why out from the air, and shots up to your skin. So it’s really hydrating, and it’s also really good. Because it seals these good ingredients, and it already has vitamin E in it but. I went ahead, and started using this in addition to it. So like an fuck what it was doing and, I’ve been really happy with it, and the other great thing is that the is only four dollars at Rite Aid and. So, I’ve been using these together, and honestly it’s made such a difference in my skin, I’ve been really happy when is julep American Beauty volumizing mascara. I got sucked into julep finally. I was really like staying away from it like, I’ve seen a lot of posts on YouTube, and stuff like that. And I was like nope not going to do another subscription box not going to do it, and then my sister actually sent me the like to get a free box. And I was like well maybe. I could try one, and then this came in it actually. And I was hooked on julep after that their polishes are amazing.

I love the atoms that they have. So anyway the is one of those mascaras that has those fake little fibers in it. So they attach to your lashes, and make you look like you have more lashes than you actually do, and it’s amazing. I love it. Because. I love false fiber lashes. I really do, I’ve tried a couple ones but the is by far the best one. And I think, I’ve heard some mixed reviews on this. So other people might not like it as much. I find that mascaras are highly personal just like perfumes that kind of acts differently on different lashes. So I don’t know if everybody in the world will like this but. I really love it. I haven’t been able to go without it yet it gives me that false lash look without actually wearing false lashes. Because. I obviously not going to do that every day. So it’s really nice for when. I want to have those really volume eyes really full looking lashes. And I really love it that favorite are these in stain blushes from the balm. And I really love these. I got these when they have their % off sale on like their whole website when they first launched, and the idea of them sounded really cool to me. Because essentially what they are is like a super pigmented blush, and it doesn’t necessarily really stain your skin but it really stays on for a long time. So it’s the same kind of concept as the Tarter Amazonian clay blushes but. I like always apply a little better. I only one of the tart ones but those one the one that. I own at least it’s a little powdery, and a little spotty, and it’s kind of hard to apply these are very smooth, and very nice Dylan thing is they’re insanely pigmented. So I have to apply it with a stippling brush, and be very gentle, and work it up slowly but. I really love them especially if, I’ll in the salon all day long. And I really need my makeup to last without being touched up these are great. Because they really don’t go anywhere all day long the one that, I’ve been using the most husband Argyle which is this super wearable pink yes it doesn’t look super wearable in the pan but it is really nice really nice everyday color.

I witness in one of my posts, and are two of them. I think, and people were like what blush do you have on, I’ll try to go back, and figure out which post that was but the is what it was. And I loved it’s very pink it makes me just look like rosy like, I’ve been frolicking through a field or something it’s very nice. I really like my favorite hair stuff is conditioners. I have the Fekkai glossing conditioner, and the papaya glossing cream which is a leave-in conditioner. I love both of these they’re. So good, I’ve seen them aecia line forever and, I’ve been. So curious about it like just really wanted to know if it would be any good anything like that. I mean it’s on its pricier. So I just wasn’t really sure whether it would end up being worth the money or not cut often. I don’t think that more expensive hair care products are worth the money but these. I really think they are. Because what. I love about them is that they’re not moisturizing in the sense that they’re like a heavy sheaf butter, and they’re not moisturizing in the sense that they’re like a gel silicone consistency they’re like right in the middle which is what, I’ve been looking for. Because with fine hair. I can’t use those heavy Shea butters. I just can’t. And I don’t like the like jelly kind of consistency leave-in conditioners. Because, I’ll like it’s not actually. I don’t feel like it moisturizes my hair as much as. I want it to. So these were really nice. Because it leaves your hair feeling very silky, and very smooth it leaves a glossy it’s just been very nice for my hair. And I really love these them is the only leave-in conditioner that. I took with me on a week-long trip recently not saying something. Because we leave in conditioners are my advice. I have. So many of them, and the is the only one that. I took with me. Because. I really love them, and you can see, I’ve used this like half way up now. And I just think really good thing your item is the swab dry shampoo. I love this stuff. And I actually had a lot of people telling me that it was really good. And I kept ignoring them. Because. I thought that they were talking about the Tresemme one which. I hate but then. I was in the store. And I saw this one, and it kind of like clicked in my head that. I was thinking of the wrong one. So I got it. Because. I was out of dry shampoo. And I needed more. I go through it really fast. And I really like this it absorbs oil just as well as the batiste or the ones – it has a really great scent to it. I think it’s less expensive than both of those. So that makes it really good as well but. I just wanted to go ahead, and mention that, and add it into the list of dry shampoos that. I think are really good it does have a very white cast. So if your hair is much darker than mine it might be a little tricky for you but just generally it’s really good, and it’s really inexpensive. So thumbs up there, and that’s all.

I can say about it. I just let me go into hair tools, and these are kind of funny ones they actually all have to do with wet hair is which is funny um but this first one is the wet brush which you guys have seen miss flame roxies, I’ve heard lots of people on you should talk about it you guys know, I’ll a tangle teeter girl all the way. I love my tangle teeter like super love it. And I had to know what was different about the wet brush. And I think, I’ll going to do like a smack down between the two. So you guys can really hear um. I think it’s apples to oranges though even though there’s both brushes that are meant to be gentle on your hair, and then they’re both good for completely different things but. I have really loved it especially for distributing product through my wet hair. Because it does get through wet hair really nicely whereas. I feel the tangle teeter might not do that as much um. So that’s been what, I’ve been using this for is whenever my hair is wet like coming through it, and then getting the product all the way through the randomness continues. I have my Turbie twist products which. I bought this month. Because of Dulce candy, and suckle um she has numbers of the end of her name. I can’t remember um. So Dulce candy talked about this product which is the tribute owl from the brand Turbie twist, and basically what she do is you put it over your head, and you like throw your hair over Eddie twist it up then you put it back, and it’s in a little German two reasons that. I like it. Because it’s super light it’s not going to cause any breakage in your hair or any additional breakage at all, and it dries your hair a little bit faster. Because it absorbs more water without. I have like towel-dry through your hair, and rock your cuticle up. So this has been definite for me.

I really like it, and then this other one is. I forget hangs the turban wrap, and the is one that sock alone cannot remember the numbers at the end of her name talked about she’s a youtuber here she is a fantastic makeup artist like you have to go subscribe to her now that aside this just holds your hair while you’re washing your face but what’s really awesome about it is that it literally gets like everything back, and out of your way. And I even use this when. I use a shower cap. Because it helps me to get all my hair back, and out of the way, and then. I stick the shower cap on over it, and go ahead, and shower. And I haven’t had any wet hair at this time. Because. I think. I mentioned this before. I always get my hair wet even when it’s in a shower cap. Because, I’ll a klutz. I am such a klutz. So this has really helped me with both of those things um you know it might seem completely superfluous but when you have here this long, and you’re trying to like lean over, and wash your face it’s really frustrating when your hair gets all in it, and gets all wet, and stuff too it’s just not a good situation. So this has been really nice too. So if any of you guys are frustrated with the same kind of thing yes the is awesome, and that is it for my may favorites be back next week. I don’t know that, I’ll going to be doing three posts a week, I’ll just going to be kind of uploading as. I see fit, and then once. I find kind of butt grooves that works for me, and will let you guys know what my schedule is going to be, I’ll just thinking um for another couple of weeks. I don’t want to jump right back into doing three posts a week it’s still wedding season it’s still insane. So just give you a little break guys. I will upload as. I can probably at least two posts a week. And I will see you guys on Friday with another post. I love you very much.

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