Try to avoid having layered short cuts because they can be very ageing as they expose a saggy, wrinkled neck. If you have your hair a little longer, consider just feathering the fringe (bangs) and sides, which will keep the look soft and flattering.


It’s you, the women, who is left scratching your head. It’s up to you to decide who’s correct based on the most compelling argument or research study.

Constantly Surfing the Web in Search of Improvement Can be a Waste of Time

Give or take a few hundred thousand results, a simple Google search on the term hair makeup yields approximately 1.8 billion Web-page results. Where to start? While it’s true that the Web can be incredibly informative and useful, it’s also true that it can lead a passionate, overzealous women into a confused state of information overload. This blog doesn’t argue for you to abstain from the Internet. This blog isn’t about becoming a diehard Luddite or completely ignoring science and exercise physiology; it’s not called Run, Simpleton. We all use the Web; it’s a great resource. Just take it down a notch. Don’t waste your time Googling all day. If you can’t figure something out through the Web about your hair makeup, give it a rest for a while. Do something else.

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