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My favourite of these being Do You Know written with and featuring Amos Lee, the folk influenced American singer-songwriter.

“That song was a little gift from the universe to me. Medium haircuts for women over I was riding shotgun on the interstate out to open some shows for Amos Lee and that Do ya, do ya, do ya know what I’m feeling…’ she sings effortlessly down the phone to me, “came and just the first few verses kind of flew in from then. I got pretty excited – I caught a buzz somewhere and when I was out there I actually mentioned the song to Amos and I said this song just flew in and I think it might even be a duet’. We chatted for a few minutes but I never showed it to him on that run of dates.’

About a year passed since they spoke about the song, Medium haircuts for women over and Pieta was getting ready to go into the studio at a time when out of the blue, Amos messaged her.

I went back to him and said hey – do you remember that song I told you about, Medium haircuts for women over I’m trying to finish it and I can’t quite get this last verse – would you want to give it a whirl and would you be open to the idea of recording it as a duet if it lands?

And sure enough the next day in comes the verse and within a few weeks I was in the studio and that song was born.”

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