Medium haircuts for women over with glasses

What you can do: Pack a touch-up kit. To look perfectly done up at all times, you need to keep touching up your make-up. Many brands have a bridal touch up kit that you can just toss in your bag. Ensure that this is the same kind of make-up you’re using. Your essentials include eyeliner pencil, eyelash glue, lip colour, hairspray and texture spray. Don’t forget toothpicks, safety pins, Medium haircuts for women over with glasses bobby pins and breath mints. You will also need Q-tips to swipe off falling make-up under your eyes and blotting paper to blot excess moisture off your face.

There’s a chance that your stomach may growl during the ceremony. Wedding preps intensify towards the end. Add to that the excitement of getting marriedfood definitely takes a backseat. However, you’ll suddenly feel hunger pangs at the weirdest time. What you can do: To avoid getting weak with hunger during the ceremony or the toast, Medium haircuts for women over with glasses don’t starve on the big day. If you’re too excited to eat proper meals, snack periodically. Granola bars, fruit or even a salad should keep you full and your tummy won’t make embarrassing sounds at inopportune times.

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