Thin hair and fine hair are different and need to be treated differently. Thin or ‘low-d^nsity’ hair has a less-than-average number of strands per square centimetre, so that the scalp can sometimes be seen through the hair. This can be in patches or all over. Fine hair, which you can have in abundance, refers to the thickness of the strands and can resemble thin hair because both types tend to be flat and lie close to the head.


Not Coming or GoingOnce we are able to overcome all the traces and dispositions, we begin to realize everything is in the nature of coemergence, that samsara and nirvana coemerge. We cannot say samsara came first and then nirvana came about, or that nirvana came first and then samsara came about, or that emptiness came first and then the phenomenal world developed or whatever may be the case. All those opposites are actually coemergent and have always existed side by side, so we cannot assign any precedence to one thing or the other. That is why they are known as coemergent; they have always been in harmony. It is only due to our own ignorance that we think there are some differences, or that one is higher and the other lower. In the actual state of things themselves, there has never been any kind of conflict at all. Therefore, they are known as coemergent. The subjective experience of luminosity and emptiness and the reality of the phenomenal world are also coemergent. They are also in harmony. Coemergent wisdom is a coemergent concept of opposites manifesting side by side, without any tension between the two.

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