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In very rare instances a person may score more or less equally for all three doshas, revealing themselves to be all three types, or what is known as “tridosha” (literally, three-doshas). If you are this interesting combination of three doshas you will require a specially formulated tridoshic diet and living plan. Since your make-up is more elaborate than for single types, your plan is accordingly more interesting and varied. The onus is on you, however to closely follow the seasonal changes and modify the agenda as appropriate, making sensible, sensitive modifications. Being a tridosha involves quite a degree of self-discipline, and a clever ability to switch promptly between all three lifestyle plans.

Always eat according to the weather and to your personal circumstances. Medium length celebrity haircuts For example, on hot days, and during the spring and summer months, follow the pitta plan; on cold days and during the winter months, follow the kapha plan; and during the late summer and autumn, or on windy days or during spells of cold dry weather follow the vata plan.

If you find that you fall into this highly unusual, remarkable category, it will certainly be worthwhile seeking out and consulting an Ayurvedic practitioner to find out more about what being a tridosha entails.

Pitta/kapha – kapha/pitta foods include curry leaves or powder, garam masala, mint, orange peel oil and rosewater.

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