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Creating the right environment and space for treatment will definitely help make the massage an even more quietly relaxing and beneficial experience. Before you start, though, make sure that the room is pleasantly warm and that the massage room is sufficiently furnished for your partner to be completely comfortable. Make sure you have plenty of towels or a sheet handy to cover areas not being worked on – rememberthat if you are working on the floor; draughts can give exposed flesh some very unrelaxing goose-pimples. If you are using oil, place it in a convenient spot where you can reach it easily without the risk of knocking it over

Preparing yourself is important too; physically this means removing watches and jewellery, Medium length haircut wavy hair trimming nails and wearing loose, comfortable clothing, ideally short-sleeved.Try to do a few stretches and take a few deep breaths to help you to feel calm; if you give a massage when you are tense yourself, this may be transmitted to your massage partner This can work the other way round too, so feel prepared mentally to let go of any tensions that you feel coming from the other person’s body, and avoid absorbing his or her stresses.

When using oil, pour it on to your own hands first to warm it up, never directly on to your partner Cold oil will be extremely unsettling.The oil may be placed in a bowl, glass bottle or even a squeezy bottle for ease of use. Spread the oil slowly on to the body, and gradually begin.

Gently scented oils have long been a massage favourite.

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