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Vitamin C

The oil-producing glands in the follicle of the hair shaft do not produce adequate amounts of oils without vitamin C. A lack of this vitamin causes the hair to break or split easily. If the hair breaks off just under the surface of the skin a new hair growing in the follicle can be cramped, and either coil into an abnormal circular pattern or form imperfectly. The hair becomes dry, kinky, and tangles or splits.

Vitamin C is needed for the formation of collagen, the glue that holds together the cells of the skin and other tissues. Medium long length haircuts Collagen provides the framework on which blood vessels are supported. Without adequate amounts of vitamin C, collagen is not formed properly. Weak collagen causes the small blood vessels to tear, a condition that shows up as tiny, pinpoint spots below the skin; they can be red, violet, brown, or yellow. Bruises occur more easily. Pliable, soft skin loses its elasticity and cuts and scratches take longer to heal. Gums are prone to bleeding when the hair diet does not supplv enough vitamin C.

People who take aspirin often or are under stress, women using oral contraceptives, and people who drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes might need more vitamin C each day than is recommended by the advised daily allowance.

Vitamin C is not stored in the body and requirements must be met daily from the hair diet. Vitamin C is easily lost when foods are stored for extended periods of time, are cooked in water and the water is thrown away, are reheated, are heated and kept warm such as in cafeteria lines, or are not stored at cold temperatures. Vitamin C-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables should be purchased fresh or frozen, immediately stored at temperatures below 40 degrees, and cooked for a minimal amount of time in a small amount of water. Any water used in cooking should be used in gravies, sauces, stews, or soups.

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