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Although the vitamin is effective in the treatment of some skin problems, intakes that exceed 500 milligrams (the advised daily allowance is 2 milligrams) might cause toxic symptoms, such as loss of coordination and difficulty walking, numbness and tingling, and nervous system abnormalities. Most of these symptoms are only temporary and disappear if the supplement is discontinued; however, some numbness and tingling might be a sign of permanent nerve damage.

Many people might not consume enough vitamin B6. Medium natural curly haircuts Persons likely to be low in this nutrient are those with poor eating habits, the elderly, hair dieters, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and alcoholics. In addition, individuals consuming high protein hair diets, or taking steroid drugs or birth control pills, have a higher need for vitamin B6. This water-soluble nutrient is easily lost when foods are processed, since vitamin B6 is destroyed by heat, light, and air. The vitamin might be destroyed when foods are cooked or otherwise processed. (Table 4, page 31)

Folic Acid: Although a deficiency of folic acid might not cause dermatitis, it can cause anaemia that results in pale skin.

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