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MOTHER OF THE BRIDE Megan Fox, 55, attended the wedding of her daughter, Sherelle Singh, to Rajveer Sehangera at Villa Passalacqua, Lake Como, on 25th June 2017 FACE Megan Fox says ‘With five daughters, I know from experience that at weddings people look at the mother of the bride to see how the bride will age. So the pressure was on for me to look my best. My No1 beauty concerns were my dark under-eye circles and a slightly dull complexion.’

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‘According to the therapist, by the time a woman reaches 40, oxygen supplies to the skin decrease by up to 50%. This treatment shakes things up with injections of carbon dioxide to trick the skin into thinking there is a lack of oxygen in the cells, and kicking it into repair mode, flooding the area with nutrients and fresh blood.

I don’t have a high pain threshold, but the Eudelo clinic was high-tech and welcoming and I felt like they knew what they were doing, although the injections were still a bit nippy. The results took a month to come through, but have lasted way beyond the wedding; it’s like my skin has been given a new lease of life. You’re supposed to have this treatment every four to eight weeks and then a top-up session every three months, but after just one treatment my fine lines had plumped out and my skin felt a lot tighter.’

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