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The amount of protein required in the hair diet is not large, and most people do not have trouble meeting their needs. Mens haircuts short sides long top An adult female needs 44 grammes of protein each day. The daily allotment can be obtained from a 3-ounce serving of fish, two glasses of milk, and three slices of bread. An adult male needs 56 grammes of protein each day.

This requirement can be met by adding 8 ounces of baked beans to the foregoing foods.

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The average protein intake is closer to 99 grammes. A breakfast of two eggs, toast, bacon, milk, and coffee contains the entire day's allotment of protein.

(Table 1, opposite)

When more protein is consumed than is needed it does not build more muscles or increase muscle tone; it adds to stress on the body because the extra protein must be broken down and its toxic nitrogen waste excreted in the urine. There is no need to take protein powders or tablets to meet protein needs.

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