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Many women will argue they cant afford the financial commitment of hair color upkeep but then spend thousands on travel, brand new cars, or entirely new wardrobes, seasonally. When you think about it this way, hair color service is a bargain! If you cant afford hair color upkeep, dont start at all, or just have a small smattering of highlights or semi-permanent glints.

This will be less costly for both you and the colorist. Your hair will also look better if you start growing it out if you have a tight budget or have to wait extended periods of time between services.

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Another way to keep up with the expenses of hair color when your budget is low, is to visit a Vidal Sassoon Beauty School. They have the best training in the industry and ofen, you can also get a great haircut at the same time! As well, you can call some of the better salons in your area and see when their next training nights are.

They will blog you with a novice, just learning the art of color, but it will cost much less than the going salon rate usually, you’ll only be asked to shell out a contribution of $20 to $30. Remember to bring a photo of yourself to the session, and see the Hair Color Makeover chapter for more information.

If you happen to connect with a colorist you like, you could start to build the kind of mutually trusting relationship, which will ensure years of great salon color services, however, the price will increase as your colorist graduates to a full-fledged professional.

On the other hand, if you dont end up liking the outcome of your training-night hair color, you may have to come back following week to try again, or request another trainee the next time. If you prefer to go the DTY route, prevent at-home hair color problems by only changing your present, natural hair color a shade or two. If you have already been tinting your hair, you will have to match the color closely, or your roots will be one color and the hair shaft will be another. This could turn into a total disaster.

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