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Often, they use a pre-color to even-out the ends so the final formula will take: properly. This balancer is the semi-permanent colorant, which has a lower-volume developer so it will have greater pigment deposit. It fills up the holes in the hair shaft, so to speak. These products are often called: balancers, color conditioners, color refreshers, or toners.

These semi-permanent products can also be used between color services to help retain the color value until the hair shaft has grown out and is in good repair. Non-heat treatments will help the appearance of the hair, so your hair will look healthier than it really is.

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You can purchase these products, as well as shampoos with a bit of color in the formulation, in the salon or beauty supply stores. Choose a product made by Clairol or LOreal, or choose one of the professional manufacturers introducing new semi-permanent color choices to the market.

Another factor which will inevitably cause your hair color to fade too fast is waiting too long to do your color! Tn most circumstances, hair color holds fairly well for about three to four weeks. After that, youre on your own. If you delay your hair color service much longer than this, the color will start to look faded and washed-out. It will become difficult for the colorist to keep your hair healthy and your hair color fresh-looking.

While all shampoos strip color from the hair shaft, most are very drying to the hair when used alone, causing the hair to have an overall dull, drab, lifeless finish. This look will not complement any complexion, especially an aging one. The skin will have a tired look. A finishing conditioner or treatment should always be used to help retain moisture in the hair shaft.

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