Mens Short Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Within about two months, the whole top portion of her hair had broken off, although the rest of her hair was fine. She decided to get a new cut, which really helped the situation. She was fine, paid her bills with no complaints, and continued to console me because I was a nervous wreck! I had never played a role in causing broken hair before and I have since, never applied a treatment I suspected would cause broken hair.

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My fear of losing this client and her sister kept me from saying, No, I will not do what you want. I did keep them as clients and they both came into the salon for color services every three weeks, because light blondes need frequent appointments in order to maintain their color. All being said and done, she finally laughed and said, Well, at least I got the guy!

I think from time to time we all get caught up in this type of situation women want the impossible and the colorist wants to keep the client happy at all costs. Most of the time, there is nothing wrong with this scenario at all; the customer is always right, after all.

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