Messy Top Knot for ShortMedium Hair Tutorial

Hi friends I’m back and this time I’m going to do a messy top nap for you it’s been highly requested and the first thing I’m going to do is just put some dry shampoo into my hair.

Because, I don’t wash my hair every single day and, I wanted to give it some life and plus it gives my hair texture which helps me with the bun. Because my hair is not the longest. So then I’m just gonna flip my head over and just start sort of brushing with my fingers just going through the hair.

Messy Top Knot for ShortMedium Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

So there won’t be any knots or anything like that and then just start picking my hair up into a fairly high ponytail you don’t have to go up as high as, I am just wherever you want your bun to be placed and then while I’m holding my hair with my left hand using my right hand, I start to twist my hair in a way and then, I just sort of the rest of my err go around the little twist and it sort of makes it into a bun and all the little loose hairs that, I have. Because, I have a lot of layers, I start to tuck him underneath the bun and seriously just tie your hair with two or three times with a hair tie you can leave it like this, I sometimes do. But when, I want like a bigger bun, I just seriously start to pull at different ends of the hair just like I’m doing now and then just pull until you feel like you got the desired shape in size and then just start putting away with bobby pins that’s what, I do, I use like golden bobby pins as you can see right there. So they sort of blend in with my hair.

So when I’m done pinning my hair and trying to see. If there’s anything else, I need to be fixed, I just go back and see. If my hair is a little tight and some spots and just kind of pull it towards the front. So would it be as tight in my head and here’s the finished look, I hope this was very helpful for you and easy and then let me know. If they’re on your requests and as always thank you for reading my posts, I appreciate it.

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