Met Gala 2018: The Best-Dressed Stars Photos

THE KNEE NEATENER Knee wrinkles, aka ‘ninkles’, often start appearing in your mid-thirties. Top laser therapist Debbie Thomas believes she has a solution for this problem with her DNA Laser Ninkles Treatment (from £300), which targets stubborn saggy skin and deep grooves around the knees. Skin is prepped with a medium-depth acid peel that removes dry or rough texture and brightens the skin, before she passes longand short-wave lasers across the area to remodel collagen, tightening and pulling skin up in much the same way as pulling up a wrinkly pair of tights.

Met Gala 2018: The Best-Dressed Stars Photos Photo Gallery

To finish off, a fraxelated laser peel (a laser that causes skin to shed over the following week) smooths skin further to give a plumped appearance that Thomas says reverses the age of your legs by five or six years. It’s pretty hassle-free, and the only side effect is moderate redness in the area for up to 10 days. A course of three to six treatments is recommended to keep legs in tip-top shape.

WHO TO SEE Debbie Thomas at the D Thomas Clinic in London (020 7118 9000; THE HOT FOOTER Shorter Met Gala dresses are usually best accessorised with a killer pair of heels, but when your feet are not your prettiest assets, Foot Augmentation (from £2,500) could be an option. Addressing a couple of common concerns, this procedure involves extracting fat from a nominated fleshy body part – be it your bum, tummy or hips – and injecting it into either your heels, to enhance the padding of the foot (excellent for people who suffer from chronic pressure and pain, usually caused by high heels or sports injuries), or onto the top of the foot to plump up and correct bony ridges (medically known as the guttering effect).

The doctor will give you a special heel-weight-bearing shoe, which must be worn for a week after to ensure things settle properly and, as some of the fat gets reabsorbed over time, you might need to repeat this treatment over the next two years. Not only do these natural fillers act to plump out the foot, making it look less scrawny, but the harvested fat also contains adipose-derived stem cells that nourish the collagen for more youthfullooking skin, giving you the confidence to walk up that aisle or glide across the dancefloor with a new spring in your step. WHO TO SEE Mr Haroon Mann at Twentyfive Harley Street, London (020 3883 9525;

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