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Even the slimmest of legs can be blighted with orange-peel dimpling, so there is much excitement at the arrival of Cellfina (from £3,000) – a new, one-time cellulite treatment that promises smoothing results said to last up to three years.

After the bum and thighs are numbed with local anaesthetic, a small device, which looks similar to a computer mouse, is run across the skin, flicking a super-fine blade at strategic points to cut and release the fibrous bands that tether skin and fat into the cushion effect. While the hour-long treatment is bearable, expect an uncomfortable ride in the days that follow; sitting down feels sore and there’s significant bruising and swelling for a few weeks.

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A year after it launched in the US, 94% of the women who were treated reported a drastic reduction in lumpiness and smoother skin. Doctors also advise that it works best for moderate to severe cases of dimpling, rather than mild skin crêpiness. WHO TO SEE Dr Apul Parikh at The Phi Clinic in London (020 7034 5999;

THE VEIN ERASER Shutting down both varicose veins and smaller networks of thread veins that depend on them, Clarivein (from £2,100) is the latest fuss-free solution for flawless legs. First, local anaesthetic is injected to numb the area before the offending veins are precisely located with ultrasound imaging, and a small catheter with a wire inside is gently inserted.

Patients are reclined with their legs propped up to reduce blood flow, before the wire scratches and pulls on the inner vein wall while the doctor injects sclerotherapy – a kind of medical Fairy liquid – which shrivels it away. Expect to walk out of the clinic wearing compression stockings, which are worn for a couple of days to reduce swelling, but most people can be back to the gym after a week.

Although lumps are instantly removed, post-procedure bruising usually takes a few weeks to disappear and it’s a couple of months before veins completely fade. WHO TO SEE Dr Mark Whiteley at the Whiteley Clinics in London, Surrey and Bristol (0800 152 2645;

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