My April Makeup & Beauty Favorites

My hair is blonder what. I have been planning to go blonder for like spring, and summer since the beginning of winter, I’ve been wanting this like forever for months. I guess but anyway, I’ll excited about it if you guys want to know like what. I asked for, and all that kind of stuff. I actually have a lot of changes to tell you about some like major ones for me, and then some major ones for the my blog, I’ll going to be changing my schedule on the my blog, and the changes to my hair, I’ll going to talk about that all tomorrow in a different post. So I don’t take up all of this post talking about it. So yeah you guys can come back, and check that out tomorrow if you’re curious, and now let’s move on to the actual content of this post which is my April favorites okay. So let’s talk about this one. Because he was pretty obviously just chilling right there the is one of my favorite curling irons that. I own. I wanted to tell you guys about it. Because, I’ve been using it a lot in my posts recently. And I just wanted to tell you guys that. I love it basically it comes with three different attachments. So the is the one-inch attachment, and then they have a three quarter inch. And I think the is like a one in the quarter inch attachment, and the is perfect. Because you can really do basically everything with this like there are other attachments out there that are kind of nuanced you know they might be like larger at one end than the other they might have little bubbles throughout you know whatever, and that’s tough it’s definitely fun to play with but the is your basics like this will get you just about any look you’re going for.

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So, I’ve actually really been loving it. So simply the one-inch attachment it’s what, I’ve been using it’s what. I use for my hair today. And I really like it but the thing that really sets this one apart is that you can determine the heat that this goes to. Because most clip less curling irons don’t let you kind of choose the heat of your curling iron. And I think that’s really important. Because not all hair needs to be heated up to the exact same temperature. Because you know thick hair can really go a lot hotter whereas like then here is much more fragile or, I’ll sorry fine hair which. I have is much more fragile and. So I have to go on a lower temperature. So I like this one. Because. I can adjust it to a lower temperature for me. So that it’s better for my hair but. I can also you know ticket in the salon, and warm it up as much as. I need to for whatever a client. I have. And I haven’t seen very many curling irons that do that. So I wanted to tell you guys about it especially. Because. I haven’t been talking about my favorite curling irons for like a year now, I’ve needed to go ahead, and talk about it. So this has been my favorite especially this month but just in general. I really like this one okay for makeup. I have been on a quest to simplify my makeup especially like my foundation, and concealer routine. I just want to embrace like my skin. And I want to embrace my natural features, and just kind of like celebrate that a little bit more than just throwing lots, and lots of foundation over it. So, I’ve been using – thanks for that the first of them is the better than BB Big Easy multi balancing complexion Perfecto thing by benefit it’s like the longest me remember that’s. So weird but anyway it’s basically a tinted moisturizer that’s a liquid to powder finish with Lights medium coverage. And I didn’t really know if. I would like it on. Because liquid to powder finishes are usually a little cakey they’re usually not very natural-looking definitely not great for when you just want to throw a makeup on, and go but this one is this one’s really great it’s like it’s not cakey it’s really natural-looking, and it actually does a lot of good things with kind of the powder finish to it. Because the powder actually helps to absorb oil throughout the day, and then it helps to kind of balance out any pores, and fine lines you might have. So it’s actually really useful, and then it also has moisturizers in it. So when you put it on it moisturizes your skin, and then throughout the day it can absorb any oil that your skin produces it’s just nice it also has an SPF of which is helpful especially in the summer time overall what. I really like about the is that it has that nice light amount of coverage.

I would say it’s right between light, and medium coverage, and it does do just enough to just balance everything out to cover any blotchiness or redness that you might have, and then it gives you that nice finish to your skin for me. I get about hours of wear out of it when. I wear it on its own, and then when. I wear it with a powder. I can get about hours of wear out of it. Because the powder helps to absorb more oil, and if, I’ll touching my face it’s the powder that comes off of my face first, and not the product. So the powder just kind of helps to protect things but in general it’s really great if you’re looking for it’s really easy to throw on, and very lightweight the is definitely a good option, and then this one is like, I’ll the you know whatever the last youtuber to start using this stuff it’s the Maybelline instant age rewind under-eye concealer it’s very light weight. So you can just throw it on very easily, and it doesn’t look like a whole lot of makeup on it covers very well they have a pretty good shade range the only negative, and everybody thinks it’s a negative is this little sponge up here like why just why. I think actually it’s actually good for diffusing the product, and getting a light application on but. I just don’t like having the sponge there. Because like makeup is just sitting in there and, I’ll sure like bacteria is just growing, and that just it bothers me a little bit, I’ve heard that people say that you can just cut the little sponge off and, I’ll a little nervous to do that. So I think, I’ll going to use it up almost all the way, and then do it just to see but that’s my only negative about it does crease a little bit as well if you over apply it. So if you put too much on or if you don’t powder quickly enough but as long as. I get the powder on pretty quickly. And I don’t use too much it works really well. So, I’ll a big fan of this one as well then for a nail favorite. I have the julep freedom polymer topcoat now. I have not always been a topcoat girl. I have used them. Because. I know that they’re supposed to like help your nail polish lasts longer, and everything but. I never loved them, and then. I found this one, and it’s. So different from anything else, I’ve ever used. Because it’s really thick not in like a gross way, and not like your nails are going to look like this big or anything but it just makes your nail polish look very substantive it looks almost like a gel nail polish when you put it on which is really cool it adds. So much shine like even nail flashes that. I have that. I consider shiny.

I put this on and, I’ll like dude like it looks. So professional, I’ve also noticed that if. I have like any kind of little imperfections on my nails like little tiny streaks or unevenness, and then nail polish application this helps to even everything out, and then it dries really quickly. I think a little bit faster than anything else. I own in the nail polish department, and it stays on really well, I’ll almost out of it now and. So, I’ve already ordered another one that’s how much. I love this. So I completely recommend it. I love juleps nail polish. I know there’s like some people love them some people don’t. I really love them. And I think the is an amazing topcoat. So if you’re in the market for a new topcoat consider this one. Because it’s really great last favorite isn’t out, and it’s actually to help you focus a little bit more it’s kind of to help with focus, and time management. I love this thing like. I can’t tell you enough it’s based on the Pomodoro method which is basically this kind of idea that you spend minutes focusing on whatever it is you have to focus on, and then for five minutes you take a break, and then you come back, and you work for minutes, and then you take a break for five minutes, and you do four rounds of minutes focus sessions, and then you get a minute break, and you know you do as many of those as you need to get your work done basically, and it’s really helped me um for me you know, I’ll not in school anymore, I’ll not studying anymore all of this really would’ve helped me back in my school days but it really helps me when, I’ll editing. Because. I have days where. I have to edit for two hours in a row, and towards the end of the day it’s like. I want to punch through my computer or just like throw the computer out the window something crazy like that, and like, I’ll pretty sure you guys have been there with school before, I’ve definitely been there with slow before where you just want to like throw the textbook out the window, and run away it happens to all of us but. I like this one. Because it makes me um kind of pace myself at the beginning of the day that way towards the end of the day. I don’t end up with like serious burnout. And I also found that it helps me to really focus my breaks.

So that. I don’t end up taking breaks that are way too long cut we’ve probably all been there too or you’re like you take a break, and you just jump on YouTube for just five minutes, and then you end up on YouTube for like two hours or a tumblr or Facebook or whatever your vice is, and you know two hours later you look up, and you’re like whoa wait where did that time go this helps me. Because it’s like five minutes. So I can do whatever. I need for five minutes. I like the app. Because you just click start like you select how long you want to go, and then you just click start, and it just does the timer for you which is really helpful but you couldn’t even do it with the kitchen timer, and it’s super helpful. So if you’re a youtuber. I totally recommend it. Because it keeps you from having that like Mel down at the end of the day um, and then especially studying it can help you to really focus like okay, I’ll going to write one more paragraph in this twenty five minutes or okay, I’ll going to finish, and no twenty five pages in minutes depending on how fast you read, and that’s really helpful, and it helps you to focus cut then you get that done, and you’re like okay cool. I accomplished it now we get a break, and it’s just really kind of revolutionized the way. I get things done. So I totally recommend it to you guys check it out if you need some help with the focus Department okay that’s it. So a little bit random this month but. I think all the stuff that. I had talked about was super cool, I’ve really enjoyed all of it. And I hope this gave you guys some ideas for things you might want to try out if you had a particular favorite this month tell me about it in the comments. I would love to hear about it, and that’s it. I will see you guys tomorrow in my next post well thanks.

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