My August Makeup & Beauty Favorites

It is time for August favorites. And I just can’t believe that it’s time for September. I think it’s just every time that you hit that like transition month into the next um season you’re like oh my goodness versus you’re even gone. Because the fact that it’s going to be fall now it’s just insane to me. I just can’t believe that it’s almost been a year anyway. So this month. I actually pretty much been happy with the stuff that, I’ve been talking about over the past couple months. I have a couple new things to talk about, and then like a couple things that, I’ve been loving, and just haven’t mentioned before but. I think it’s going to be a little bit faster this month just. Because. I don’t have tons, and tons of new stuff that, I’ve been trying out my first thing is a skincare favorite, and the is just a little sample jar. I haven’t purchased the full size yet but, I’ll like sure, I’ll going to, and it’s by a sookie face, and it’s the lemon got lemongrass extract + natural sugar, and it’s really a great scrub it’s got actual sugar in there, and it smells like lemons it’s very natural. I really love the smell of it’s like lemonade is what it smells like, and it works for free be well what. I liked about it is that. Because it is actually sugar that you’re using to exfoliate with it actually dissolves as you’re using it.

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So you can’t overuse it which. I think is a good thing, and it’s not very harsh like it doesn’t hurt my skin at all, and the big thing with it is that it doesn’t make me break out more a lot of the scrubs that, I’ve been using over the past couple months whenever. I use them, I’ll break out more which can happen. Because whenever you’re scrubbing in especially if you scrub over an active breakout you can kind of dig in, and pull out the bacteria from that breakout, and then depose it somewhere else in your skin by you know scrubbing around in circles. So it makes sense but. I you know. So I don’t scrub whenever. I have a breakout going on or don’t scrub over an active breakout. And I would still breakout, and just didn’t make any sense to me. So I completely stopped using scrubs for a while, and then. I got this one, and it sat around forever. And I like you know what, I’ll going to use this and. So I tried it. And I really liked it. So if you guys have a similar problem to me with that this has actually been completely fine for me. I haven’t broken out from it hasn’t made my skin too sensitive it’s been really nice on my weirdly sensitive skin. So that is my first favorite of August moving on to makeup. I just have blushes the first one is from Physicians Formula, and it’s their happy booster blush in warm, and it’s very similar in my mind to coralista by benefit the funny thing about the is that it’s watches terribly on your hands like if you just try to do this in this watch on your hand it literally doesn’t show up. And I was. So upset when. I bought it. And I got home. And I switched it. And I meant to take it home, and return it, and then. I forgot to, and then. I just sat in my drawer forever, and finally. I pulled it out. And I said you know what, I’ll just going to try it on my face, and then it worked really well, and it shows the bummer my foundation it’s like a magic plush. I don’t understand it but, I’ll very glad. I didn’t totally waste my money on this um, and what. I love about it is that it is very similar to coralista you guys know. I love that blush. I do find that it’s a little bit shimmery, and it’s got a really high price point. So the great thing about the is that it’s got a subtle Sheen to it but it’s not super shimmery. So if you don’t like shimmery blushes the is still going to be OK for you um, and it also has a little bit more pigmentation, and wear ability than coralista does cut that’s the thing about poorly said to me is that it wears off fairly quickly um. So this will last a little bit longer. I think it’s more pigmented, and it’s a little bit deeper. So it would work on darker skin tones which also makes it good, and it doesn’t cost. I think it’s like or but Physicians Formula has been running sales like crazy lately.

I think. I probably got this for like or dollars. Because if you coupon or if you just watch the sales you’ll do fine you can definitely get their stuff for weigh less than it actually is supposed to cost. So anyway. I really like this one, and if you’re looking for like a nice Cora lie easy to wear easy to apply blush the is definitely a good one okay, and then my next blush is my benefit. So now that, I’ve hated on benefits price point let’s talk about another benefit blush the is rocket aura the is their new one. And I literally would never have purchased this on my own they sent it to me, and when. I first looked at it. I was a little bit scared cut in the pan it looks rather Brown, and rather cool but then when you swatch it you find that it’s actually very warm, and it just has some brown undertones with a little bit of golden shimmer. So I actually Instagram to picture this. And I called it a cool tone blush. I need to retract that statement it’s a warm blush it just has brown undertones but what. I like about it is that. Because it has those brown undertones it’s much more fall wearable. Because got that kind of muted kind of folly thing going on but. Because it’s warming it has that golden shimmer to it doesn’t make people with warm skin tones look dead cut that’s my huge problem is that. I wear anything that has like a brown undertone. I look dead but wear anything that has like a blue undertone or a cool undertone um it kind of turns purple on me a little bit, and then it just makes me look like a zombie almost like. I just, I’ll really stuck in the warm color category. So I like this one. Because it is warm but. Because it has those brown undertones it’s still more muted, and a little bit more fall appropriate. So, I’ll really excited about this going into fall. Because. I feel like. I finally have a fall blush which, I’ll definitely a fan of it there is less product in here than there usually is in a Corp, and um benefit blush however the price point is the same which is not cool but it isn’t a blush. So if you go in the store, and squash it, and like it then you should definitely try it out. Because it’s fantastic okay finishing up with hair stuff first of all. I have to mention this one the is my Hot Tools one of the quarter inch curling iron this one is their ceramic one. I have had this forever. And I used to hate it. Because my hair since, I’ve been coloring it actually takes a curl better than it used to which is awesome for me um, and this one used to never work on my hair. Because my hair was you know a virgin it would just drop a curl really quickly. Because it couldn’t really hold anything. So this one wasn’t really a favorite talker. I started coloring my hair, and now. I love it. Because it gets me that nice like gentle curl to my hair where it looks like you know my hair is kind of put together it looks nice but it doesn’t look like.

I spent minutes curling my hair um. So it’s just been a big favorite of mine. I used this before my Game of Thrones tutorials. I used it before. I did the series of tutorials that. I have on my hair right now um basically any time you’ve seen my hair gently curled the is when. I used it. And I really loved it. I think. I got on Amazon like a year, and a half ago for or something which is not bad for a curling iron, and it’s lasted really well it’s held up really well. So I have nothing but good things to say about it. And I know that you guys the is just a tangent but. I know that you guys said that like. I use heat on my hair a lot generally. I only use that like heat on my hair whenever, I’ll doing a tutorial. So usually it’s like once or twice a week, and if. I have any special event or if. I really want to you know spend time on my hair later in the week. I will curl my hair but generally it’s just what, I’ll doing tutorials. Because. I am very conscious about using too much heat on my hair just. So you guys know like it’s not an everyday thing for me but when. I do come out here this has just been the one that, I’ve been going to. Because it’s perfect it gets me a little bit of curl without making me look like old school Taylor Swift or anything like that, and that’s two hair products are sexy hair products oh my gosh big surprise there you guys know. I love sexy hair. So this one, I’ve had this one forever like literally years but it’s become a huge part of my life over the past month actually maybe the past two months but it’s the big sexy hair powder play, and basically what it is a volumizing powder. So you put it in your hair, and it kind of feels cooling at first. I could feels like a liquid somehow even though it’s a powder then you kind of like use your hands to wrap up your hair, and it adds. So much volume it also adds a little bit of chalking this, and a little bit of grip to your hair. So what. I use this for on people with like longer hair is usually to help me tease their hair better, and get a little bit of volume in the hair. Because if you have like silky nice naturally straight hair or whatever it’s hard to get it to hold a tease. So what you have to do is make it sticky then you can do that with a variety of products but the is my product of choice just cut it goes in really easily it works very quickly, and it doesn’t you know you don’t really run the risk of making the hair wet with a hair spray or anything like that it’s just very easy to use. So, I’ve been using it for that among people with long hair, and all myself, and then also in the salon, I’ve been using this a lot on ladies that come in, and maybe they want like a choppy pixie cut or they want like a shaggy bob or anything like that usually those people want like a nice PC kind of grungy looking texture at the end of their style.

I’ve been using this to go ahead, and build some volume in the hairstyles that, I’ve just done to show that you know however, I’ve layered the hair could be pulled out in volume ice, and all that kind of stuff but also. I can use a little bit on the ends to get that nice like PC choppy look, and it’s been awesome final favorite is actually new from sexy hair it’s from their style sexy hair line, and it is called spray clay, and the Sun is awesome like. I really love it, I’ve been just wanting a product like this for basically my tire hairstyling career basically what it is a hairspray it has like a level hold. So it’s a little bit like medium to firm hold, and then it has a number shine which basically means that it has no shine um. So basically it’s like a mortifying hairspray. So let’s say that you kind of went ahead, and went through your hair, and you curled it to make it look like beach waves but you want to get that beach texture in your hair without making it sticky or weird-looking the is exactly what you would use. Because you can spray it on, and it will add hold, and also add a matte kind of lived in worked in texture also if you’re kind of into like more bohemian hairstyles like this one over here or um if you’re into something that looks a little bit more lived-in this would be great for you the is also great for guys who wants to style their hair without getting that like gelled in look on this would add hold, and a little bit of matte texture, and make it look kind of lives in, and hold the hair in place without making it look gelled into place which would be really nice. So you know if a guy that has a pompadour or a lady that has a pixie cut, and you want to get your hair into a certain place, and you want it to look natural the is the product you would use, and then. I used it when. I did my post for a sexy hair or when. I did my tutorial on their website. And I had those curls that. I did. I did kind of like old Hollywood curls but. I didn’t want them to look like perfect old Hollywood curls. I wanted them to look a little bit more lived-in a little bit more current. So I used this just on the ends just to get a little bit of kind of naturalness to them. And I thought it was perfect like. I love the effect that. I got with that. So seriously loving this. I mean oh my goodness it’s one of those things that like. I said, I’ve wanted it since the beginning of my little career on YouTube, and hair styling all. I kind of stuff like, I’ve just always loved that kind of lived-in look. So now that. I have a product that really actually helps me to get that really well it makes me really happy. So that is my final great fit thing. So that’s it for my August favorites. I hope you guys have enjoyed this, and make sure to check back on Wednesday for my next tutorial, I’ll see you guys then Bye.

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