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This my first ever favorites post, I’ll at least fairly certain as my first ever favorites post um. So I just wanted to title it as my current favorites. Because. I don’t know what, I’ll going to do another one of these. So I just thought. I would throw everything, and everything that, I’ll loving right now it’s going to cover some hair stuff, I’ll a little bit of my fashion little favorite pics whatever um some makeup everything pretty much cool stuff right. So we’re going to start off with the hair stuff just. Because you guys, I’ve heard about all this if you been watching my tutorial. So you guys know about this stuff um let’s see where am. I going to start, I’ll just going to start with. So this closest to me um. So my Neutrogena answering residue shampoo you guys have heard about this in my hair care posts um. I love it. Because it cleanses my hand gets all the gunk off of it, and just leaves it shiny, and nice. And I love it um obviously it’s not every day should who is like a once-a-week shampoo and. So it’s going to last me for like rest of my life but it’s really great. And I love it, and next thing is my suave professionals almond, and sheaf butter conditioner this stuff is my very favorite conditioner, I’ve ever tried in my entire life and, I’ll certain, I’ve tried. So many conditioners in my life. Because. I am. I never buy the same product twice basically um but. I started to now. Because. I bought this my second one of these but normally. I don’t repurchase things. Because. I am just picky but. I love this stuff. So good you should get especially cut it’s like three dollars. I think you can get it for two dollars at some places it depends sometimes you can find it on sale another conditioner. I love is Ozzy’s three minute miracle deep conditioner.

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I still have it managed to pry myself away from the stuff yet um yeah. I use it once a week it’s great um makes my hair super shiny, and tangle free, and lovely, and you can use it more than once a week just probably not more than twice or maybe two or three times a week is probably where it’s safe um then another two of my favorite products. I have my soothing lotion leave-in conditioner. I made up my sister my mom used this recently. Because we had a little part a, and they wanted to look cute. I was like well you guys are using this before. I do your hair, and they did, and it looks amazing. I don’t have pictures. I wish. I did, and then my TV favorite heat protestants at the moment is got bys on degree heat protestant blowout is basically for when your blow-drying your hair it has a little bit of hold to it. So that while you’re kind of styling your hair like you’re using if you’re doing a proper blowout, and you’re using a brush to achieve the shape or anything like that it helps it to hold that shape it also gives it a gloss finish, I’ve also noticed. I like to use this before. I do maybe a curling iron. Because it gives a nice assize finish but it also helps it to hold, and pecks your hair it’s kind of sweet gum, and then another he protected. I have loved forever the Tresemme he tamer spray, and it’s just a good general purpose he fuses for any time you’re going to use the protects us right um, and that is all. I have for here right now one thing oh no. I have one more thing. I don’t really have a favorite scrunched or bobby pin people keep asking me that. I don’t. I don’t really have a favorite but my new favorite curling iron are the Hot Tools curling irons. I have a one half inch, and a one-inch one um. Because. I felt like those ones. I have a three-quarter inch already and, I’ll JosEthere it’s like a little ceramic rod. And I like to use. So much better than my little ceramic rod one um that was the first one. I could never get to put a curl in my hair and. So I just thought that it got was the only color. I was ever going to need to rest of my life but these work really well.

I got this for less than twenty dollars on overstock com they’re not paying me to say that. I bought this but. I bought it for us, and we’d always. And I was kind of sleep it works really well across your hair really well it has um different heat settings, and a federal show up, and an on, and off switch. So you don’t have to like you can leave it on your heat setting for like forever, and apparently my little sister used this last that she headed on the seven. I normally use like a five or six people have been asking that’s about where normally but it has a little on an off switch here it has like a super drug into a long cord it’s like eight feet long. I think and. So I just love these love them love them um okay moving on to makeup you guys have seen a lot of these products before or two if you can watch my posts. Because they’re my favorites and. So foundation. I have become addicted to Maybelline Dream food foundation. I have like six different foundations um they’re all from the drugstore they’re all cheap. So, I’ll not like you know. I don’t know, I’ll not splurging a lot but This by far my favorite like I, I’ll happy when. I use this at any time like. I make myself use my other one. So I can use them up and, I’ll always like me you know but. I love this one, and it’s not men. I have Whaley skin it is not meant for my skin type but what. I do is. I use a primer before it and, I’ve been using for Ronnies primer, and it was doing a good job, I’ve also started using on else primer. Because I, I’ve had that for a while. I just haven’t tried it um, and it does a good job too. I don’t really haven’t heard enough primers to really have a favorite primer yet but using a primer with this, and then. I set it with powder, and it stays really well, and it’s just a beautiful finish, and great coverage is. So lightly. I just. I love this stuff any time my friends like asked what kind of foundation they should be getting. I told him to go buy this stuff um. So love it my favorite setting powder is this high definition powder from ELF most of This going to be elf by the way it’s kind of obvious for me but. I love this stuff. So much you can put it on, and you do have to be careful you shouldn’t put on too much. Because it will look a little it’ll give like a white kind of cast to the skin, and if you put too much on they can look a little powdery but if you put on the right amount.

I just like powdered powdery or anything at all it’s just a beautiful soft finish. I love it um my to last elf products that, I’ll going to favorite are the beauty encyclopedia, and the lib encyclopedia the beauty encyclopedia this one probably looks really gross schnooks. I use it. So often um ok it comes with their studio contour blush palette their studio shimmer palette their studio light concealer palette. So separately those are each three dollars. So this would be nine dollars all together but you can get this little encyclopedia for five dollars. I figured that on my own it is kind of sweet gum and. So, I’ve been getting really into highlighting lately um by lately. I mean like the last couple months and. So, I’ve been using these a lot, and then these others are great they’re really good for blemishes. I don’t get. I get like some hyper pigmentation around here sometimes that. I use that there, and then these obvious they’re very famous blush, and contour do. So fan-freakin’-tastic um yes. I love it, and then they’re elf everyday lip book it is another fantastic one you can see. I have made a definite dents in these, and these are a really great highly pigmented shades they do stained just a little tiny bit um but. I find that good it’s kind of like a little bit of a mild lip same but it doesn’t dry your lips at all they give a very dewy kind of juicy. I might sound weird finish um. And I love it. I said this in my school bag, and then. I have whatever color. I need for the day, and it has a little depression at which. I just sanitized every time. I get home, and on with elfs brush cleanser. I told you. I love elf um but. I can mix colors together. I can do anything. I want. I love it’s portable it’s got a great finish to it. I love it my other favorite makeup products at the moment are these are all lip products actually oh here let me go myself product um is my studio This one of my project pan items they look it is almost gone sweet wait. I wanna is this the one that’s no never mind um. So yeah it’s almost gone, and This one of my favorite things. I use this every day as well, and really good there. I their studio primer, and lighter stealer ok. So these last three our favorite on lip products this one.

I don’t know if they sell it anymore cut. I found it at my dollar store but it’s Maybelline forever metallics metal shine lip color, and um this one is in chart-topper copper yeah my favorite is ginger sheen. And I thought Id grab that one but. I didn’t but it comes to the little pencil like this and, I’ll just watch it a little b it gives us really pretty kind of glossy look but it goes on like a lipstick, and it lasts like a lipstick it’s really pretty it’s just like the Maybelline note melanin um lip flashes. I think. I don’t remember, I’ll but if you go CVS you’ll see you. I think is called lip flashes they have them a little pencil form like this, and they’re like metallic Spanish, and they lost really well. So that’s what that looks like another one is my soap & Glory um they’re my target stop carrying them, and they had all of their stuff on sale. So I got this for like two dollars basically why. I bought it this way. I got forever ago, I’ll trying to find the name. I don’t know the name of this exact color is but it’s marvelous. I love their names of their products and, I’ll listen it has like a little you can see, I’ve used it a lot it has like a little bit pencil type thing, and it works kind of like a stain, and then on this side it has a little highlighter which is really dirty. I really should look to that before. I showed it on camera and. So there is that, and then the little the line the little highlighter is just kind of shimmery, and This like a really great node me Matt stain. And I love this. Because, I’ve been wearing dark lips a lot. So that’s that. And I really prefer to wear like dark on or bowls kind of matte lips but when. I do feel like using a gloss. I tend to go for this gloss Thisd that like a dark glass or anything but it’s rum raisin glazed, and it’s in the Revlon color burst look classes are lip glosses. And I really love these on this was just a really pretty like coppery color with some gold specks on it. And I just love it, I’ve had it for a really long time too. And I just keep using it. So that’s that one really pretty um. So those are my favorites as far as makeup, and hair goes now, I’ll going to talk a little bit about my favorite on fashion accessories. Because. I like clothes all right there kind of their fun obviously but, I’ll really into accessories. So, I’ll going to talk about favorites um one of my favorites, I’ve had for a long time are chasing your rings which is why. I wear them for my post um these are some of the ones that. I have these are my favorites it was from forever actually. I think all of my two finger rings are this one’s is like a little feather or a leaf whichever one, and then. I love this like row of pearls people always make fun of me. Because they look like brass knuckles yeah that looks menacing um. I love these, and they. I gotten really into statement necklaces this the season. I don’t know what it is that. I just love them my very favorite one. I cannot find right now don’t know why, I’ll put here’s one of the ones.

I got this at Target. And I love it’s like a big dick Cheneys little chains all through it, I’ll pretty sure everyone that’s in a post before but it’s great. I can put this with any outfit, and it just looks really cool. And I love it, and super edgy maybe not super edgy just a little b it has a little bit of edge. I love it, I’ll another one, I’ve been loving Aztec inspired jewelry um. So I picked up this little piece to kind of go with that, and it’s. So pretty. I got this one from charlotte ruse. I think it was like five dollars try not to catch the light too much with this but it’s really pretty it’s really long um. I just really like it. So that’s one of, and then one other one this one. I kind of made. So can’t really buy it anywhere by chalice my something similar to it’s little tangled at the moment boom memento por fav war alright well that’s just us is going to get it’s like a lot of chains with this kind of big crystal in the middle. I toy this was really flow shirts. Because it’s really long, and crazy but. So fun. I love it. So another, I’ll not good at describing these am. I oh well um, and This the necklace, I’ve had four ever um probably like, I’ll not brought rubber but like seven months um, and it’s really pretty just this big sparrow, and they saw a lot of ones like this now add on like Harvard in charlotte ruse, and almost kind of teenage stores like that. I got this one online um from gypsy warrior, and they saw on stuff on easy. And I think they have an eBay. I don’t know if. I saw the eBay account but. I think they sell stuff on easy all income in the down bar. So you can go check stuff out but they don’t sell this one of New York’s. I think they only make like one or two of each of their things but. I really like it. And I bought this forever ago they don’t know who. I am not paying me um, and then as far as earrings go, I’ve gotten really into studs. I am. So over the whole chandelier earring thing it’s not even funny in personal style again that’s not if you like chandelier earrings wear them style is all about what you like This just what. I prefer currently our studs. And I love them. And I tend to like either kind of um. I really just like ironic kind of sets, I’ll ones that are kind of funny but. I also like a little bit of the edge here it’s not really edgy. I keep blowing the edgy it’s really not but This a pair that. I really like, and they’ve got they look like little studs but they’re kind of got these black diamond kind of things on them, and they’re from forever they’re really cool. I like them a lot um some other ones. I have these from target. I think, and they just look like kind of pounded metal, I’ll a fan of. And I had these are very girly. I don’t wear them a lot but they’re pretty these are from forever with little pearls over them well diamond in the middle it’s just cute right um, and then. I have these. I were these a lot to you just some black diamond studs, and then. I have this one um. I obviously have to but. I don’t have one over here right now, and it’s a little elephant from H&M think you can see it’s really cute it’s kind of ironic, and fun. And I like it. So those are my favorites oh forgot sent okay This a soap & Glory set. And I don’t know what it’s called yeah. I don’t know what the name of it is but it’s really like a good s it’s kind of like cotton candy, and sugar smells really good. I like a really sweet sense. So it’s kind of go alright this post is really long. So I hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope you like seeing what my favorite things are, and yeah, I’ll going to go something be having an amazing day and, I’ll see you my next post bye.

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