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With another Sunday Fun day, and today’s Sunday Fun day is a little bit random but if you’ve watched a couple of my posts you might know that. I am dairy, and gluten free, I’ll not actually allergic to them, I’ll more intolerant to them allergic is when you kind of have a really significant negative reaction like rashes or your throat swells up or anything like that. I don’t have those reactions when. I have gluten or dairy. I just get very sick for a couple days. So I tend to stay away from it. I had to learn to just go ahead, and go dairy-free when. I cook at home everything is dairy free, and when. I first went dairy free it was kind of tough just figuring out like what to do. And I know that a lot of people are starting to go dairy free now whether it’s from actual health concerns or from just writing the bandwagon of just kind of a lot of people are going dairy free now. So I thought. I would go ahead, and tell you guys about some of the things that. I use to substitute dairy when, I’ll cooking at home, and then a couple of the pre-made junk food items that are dairy-free that. I enjoy, and if you guys know of any good dairy-free things that you love that. I don’t mention this post. I probably don’t know about them, and you should tell me in the comments and, I’ll just going to go ahead, and jump into it some milk substitutes there are a million, and five out there my favorite one is coconut milk. I really enjoy coconut milk um for whatever reason it’s my favorite.

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I just kind of like to taste the best. I usually did the unsweetened kind this one is the unsweetened vanilla. Because. I was curious but anyway that’s what. I use. I don’t use this for cooking. I usually just use this for on mostly making smoothies for they make a green smoothie every morning. And I use coconut milk to do it, and then my husband really loves almond milk, and he’ll go through like a big package of almond milk a week. So he gets his own separate container, and usually. I cook with almond milk. So if, I’ll going to be baking or anything like that where. I need milk in it. I will use almond milk. Because. I think that taste is a little bit more neutral, and it goes a little bit better. So if you’re going to be like baking dairy-free. I recommend using almond milk that’s what’s worked for me at least, and then for creamer now if you like to make coffee or tea. I like to make tea lattes like love to make tea lattes, and what. I found is the. So delicious French vanilla coconut creamer is amazing it’s really sweet, and vanilla tasting. So that is really great for what. I like. Because. I basically make chain lattes all the time. And I love them um, and then they also have a hazelnut flavor, and an original flavor. So if you prefer a hazelnut or not as sweet as this you could go with that around Thanksgiving in Christmas they do limited edition flavors, and they had a pumpkin spice one this year that was to die for. I literally went through one a week for the entire time that it was out, and in my grocery store, and when it was gone. I was a little bit devastated like it just kind of hurt my heart a little, and then if you need something for cooking like a heavy cream maybe you’re making like a heavy sauce or soup that needs more of a cream texture to it what.

I use for that is culinary coconut milk now you can find this um from. So delicious if you want, and this kind of thing or you can do it in like a normal can, and it’s a lot cheaper just to buy them when they can. So normally that’s what. I have in my pantry but. I wanted This new from them. So I decided to try it out um. I can’t tell the difference in this, and the stuff in the can though. So just buy this up, and they can. Because it’s like half the price but anyway you can do light or you can do full-on, and or full fat whatever, and that one is much heavier whereas this one is a little bit closer to half, and half. So I usually use light in my soups or my sauces just. Because. I mean it’s less fat but. I also like the texture better. So I don’t like really heavy creamy textures ever. So This a little bit more what. I like to do. So that’s what. I usually use as the base for like a creamy soup or a creamy sauce you just have to flavor it a little bit more. So that it gets that more kind of milky cheesy or whatever flavor you’re going for. Because it’s fairly neutral on its own then if you are making alfredo sauce with something like coconut milk you can use nutritional food yeast you will see this all over food blogs especially dairy-free food blogs This not the same as like normal active yeast that you used to raise bread it has like a cheesy nutty taste to it. So when you mix it with something like this or with if you want a thinner consistency you could also mix it with just like normal almond milk or coconut milk or whatever um, and it will give you that kind of cheesy flavor. So you can use this for like Mac, and cheese you can use it proof Rado sauces that kind of thing, I’ve used it for alfredo sauce before, and my husband actually really liked it, and he’s pretty picky like he’s gotten less picky. Because everything. I. Because gluten-free, and dairy-free but it is good, and it’s definitely if you can’t have cheese it’s a really good substitute it is different it takes some getting used to but. I think it’s close enough that. I still enjoy it, and as long as you have a good recipe um it really does a good job substitute butter with Earth Balance products just in general. I like the Earth Balance soy-free for some reason. I also get sick when. I have soy protein not soy sauce but soy protein for whatever reason that makes me a little funny. I just. I can’t. I don’t understand my body sometimes, I’ll just like okay whatever, I’ll just going to try not to feed you anything that makes you upset okay um but this one has been really good it really it tastes like you know butter to me. I can’t tell the difference my husband can’t tell the difference when you cook with it if you’re trying to make like a butter sauce with it is weird like a texture is weird it’s not it’s closer to an oil than it is to a butter once you melt it down um but it’s still tasty, and it still works. So if you’re doing like a butter sauce over vegetables or pasta it works. I mean obviously you have to flavor it you’d have to play the normal butter too um but it works it’s just slightly different, and viscosity. So you would just kind of notice that a little bit not tighten with anything that really relies on butter really acting like butter but when you’re making like cookies or biscuits or something it does just fine then my yogurt substitute is. So delicious as well it’s made with coconut milk but. I think there’s um. I think it’s almond dream is the other brand that makes a dairy-free yogurt.

I might be wrong but, I’ll pretty sure, I’ll right, I’ll put it in the description boxes if, I’ll right but This one that. I get. I like it. Because it comes in a bigger tub. I mostly just use this for putting in my smoothies but also if. I want like a sweet fruity dessert sometimes. I will you know chop up some fruit, and mix this with it, and that’s like a dessert from me maybe sprinkle a little granola on it um. And I think that’s really yummy. So I usually just buy a big tub. So that. I can just kind of spoon out however much. I want but they do sell smaller containers that are just kind of individual sizes, and lots of different flavors they also have a Greek version which. I think has some added fiber, and proteins. So if that’s something that you’re more into they have that as well and, I’ve seen those all at Whole Foods but there’s also occasionally, I’ve seen them at different grocery. So around my area. So you just kind of have to look around, and see if you can find it now for cheese. I don’t have anything that. I love when it comes to cheese. I wish that. I did but the best thing that. I found. So far is the Daiya cheese This dairy lactose, and casein free it’s also gluten, and soy free. So I can have it. I think it’s also completely vegan, and they have the mozzarella cheddar. And I believe they also have oh they have one more flavor of the shredded cheese’s that. I cannot remember which kind they are but. I like these. Because they stretch, and spread just like normal cheese they take a little bit longer to grow up the normal cheese does but it is good when you just need a cheese fix. Because. I had that happen to me sometimes where, I’ll like. I need nachos or. I need pizza, and it doesn’t happen often but whatever it does. I have these on hand or have these on hand in case it happens, and then This what. I use if, I’ll having a sandwich. And I really need cheese which. I really don’t eat sandwiches that often. And I really don’t want cheese on them that often but. I have it on hand just in case. And I also if. I have a grilled cheese craving which doesn’t happen often either but what it does these really work. Because This basically little slices. So you can pull them out put them on some bread melt it, and you’ve got grilled cheese or you’ve got a sandwich with cheese on it, and that kind of it helps especially if you’re really having a craving it’s not something that’s part of like my everyday routine but when. I have cravings. I go towards these things. Because they really help me when, I’ll really just missing cheese the stuff that. I used to cook with this talk about some pre-made dairy-free items first of all protein powder. I have had the hardest time finding something that is gluten free dairy free, and soy free when it comes to protein powder but. I finally found this one. And I really liked it’s the plant fusion protein powder. I believe you can get the small sizes of this at Whole Foods but it’s much less expensive on Amazon, and This the chocolate flavor. I have chocolate, and vanilla on hand almost at all times, and then for something much less healthy. I have the mini chocolate chips never bye enjoy life. I give these at Whole Foods they are a Gary nut soy, and gluten free. So basically every he can have them. I love them This where my chocolate fix comes from, and every girl needs a chocolate fix um usually. I will kind of make some oatmeal, and put some honey, and cinnamon in it, and then sprinkle a little bit of these on top, and that’s a delicious little dessert for me. Because it’s basically like a warm chocolate chip cookie almost but it’s very quick, and easy to make, and then. I will also another favorite dessert of – to cut up apples, and put peanut butter on them, and then sprinkle a couple chocolate chips on them. I think that’s delicious, and it totally makes my life, and it fixes my chocolate fix. So yeah This what. I keep these on hand almost all the time no all the time. I always have these on hand. Because they’re really good. And I really enjoy them. So if you’re dairy-free, and you need a chocolate fix. I present to you these. I think you will really enjoy them then when you’re dairy-free trying to find a popcorn that is on buttery flavored or cheese flavored is very difficult to do. So I go for the Earth Balance kind that’s already popped in this bag This the aged white cheddar kind they also have a butter flavored um. I only buy these basically. I buy them. So that. I can put like half of this bag into a Ziploc bag, and sneak it into a movie theater. So I can have popcorn while, I’ll watching a movie, and Captain America comes out soon. So I have this on hand for Captain America, I’ll very excited for that. I also just discovered these today when. I went shopping at Whole Foods. And I might eat the whole bag today it is. So good um these are PB pops they’re. I don’t know how to describe you they are popcorn cuddled in peanut butter, and a bustle of oats is how it describes it on here it basically tastes like kettle corn wrapped in a peanut butter cookie that’s crispy does that accurately describe the amusingness that This. Because it’s. So good it’s basically like a very sweet crunchy peanut butter cookie but they’re like little tiny bites holy cow they’re good um. So if you are. I don’t care if you’re dairy free gluten free whatever you need to try these they’re really yummy, and the last thing we have to talk about is ice cream. Because who does not miss ice cream when you’re dairy-free. I mean. I was not in a big ice-cream eater before. I was dairy-free, and as soon as. I found out.

I couldn’t really have dairy without getting sick. I was like no that was no fun. So first of all you can always have sorbet if you’re dairy-free usually that’s just made with sugar fruit, and water, and various other additives but that’s usually like two main ingredients don’t you like fruity kind of ice cream flavors that’s definitely a good thing to look at. I love sorbets. I love fruity sweet tastes but if you need ice cream. I really recommend either. So delicious or almond dream ice cream the one that. I keep going back to is the. So delicious one. Because. I like the taste of coconut better than almond. I don’t know it’s just me um but. I really love. So delicious. I got a new flavor this time This the mocha almond fudge. So I was really curious usually. I get the turtle trail or the what is it the cookie dough, and it’s gluten free, and dairy free cookie dough ice cream which is amazing when. I found it. I did a happy dance in the grocery store. I was really excited, and then there are also a lot of dairy free ice cream machine Avila teas one of my favorites. And I accidentally got the rice dream version of this but they’re these little kind of ice cream bytes, and you can get vanilla or chocolate, and they’re coated in chocolate, and it’s very delicious although. I recommend the almond one, and not the rice one. Because this one. I meant to get the almond with today. And I accidentally got the rice one, and this has a weird aftertaste like do not like. I did notice when. I got this today that it says that it is manufactured on machinery that also processes milk. So you could end up with trace amounts of milk in this. So if you are heavily allergic to milk you want to stay away if you’re just intolerant like me, and you can have a little bit you’ll be okay having these um but. So delicious, and almond dream both have really good alternatives as far as like ice cream novelties go they have a couple different things like where you can get like an ice cream bar that’s on a stick, and coat it in chocolate in various different forms, and even like little ice cream sandwiches that they’re not gluten free. So, I’ve never had them but they exist if you’re only dairy-free you could try those out. And I would just recommend looking on both of their websites they will be linked in the description box. So you can check them out. Because they have a lot of different kind of. I scream novelties if you’re really craving something like that. So I hope this has been informative for whatever your situation is whether you’re allergic to dairy or you’re thinking about going dairy-free or you’re just curious like. I hope this has really been informative, and helpful again really feel free to leave me comments if you know of stuff that. I didn’t mention cut, I’ll still figuring this out a little bit as far as being dairy-free goes. And I think it’s very difficult but. I have come a long way, and hopefully this helps you guys know a little bit more of what’s out there for those of you guys who are dairy-free. I love you guys very much and, I’ll see you guys later this week with another post well bye.

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