My Favorite Lipsticks for Spring Sunday Fun Day

Okay with another Sunday Fun day, and right now it is sleeting outside my window, and it is cold, and it is cloudy, and overcast. I haven’t seen the Sun in days. And I just want it to be spring. So we’re going to talk about my favorite spring lip colors, and seeing if that somehow convinces the weather to change. Because. I feel like that’s how the weather works if. I make a post it should affect global climate here’s how it’s going to work. I split this into three categories. Because. I kind of do have just three categories of color than. I like to wear it also makes it a little bit easier to talk about a lot of lipsticks at once but, I’ll going to pick my favorite one from each category. So our first category is this orange tomato we’ve read category let’s start off with the Maybelline Vivid’s that. I have in this category first of all we have electric orange, and This a straight-up orange lipstick. I really enjoy this it is a little bit more of a statement it’s quite bright but. I really like it when you wear it on your lips it does tend to go a tad bit more coral at a bit more red. So it’s not going to be a straight-up orange on your lips but it is very pretty it works on my fair skin but. I think this would be amazing on medium skin tones the next one we have is vibrant mandarin, and this one is a little bit more on the coral side which. I think would make it a little bit better for cooler skin tones if you wanted to pull out the really like warm vibrant red vibe this might be a good way for you to get it. Because it’s still definitely on the warm side it’s not as pinky as some corals contend to be but it is a very pretty kind of coral red shade. So now we’re going to go on to nick’s. Because they have a couple really good colors first of all we have the one that, I’ll wearing This the NYX butter lipstick in Hot Tamale. And I really love this color it’s like. I said it’s what, I’ll wearing now it’s a beautiful vibrant.

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I think very nice tomato red. Because it isn’t too orange. I don’t really think it’s not to quarrel either it’s just a very nice bright warm saturated red it’s very soothing on your lips it feels very creamy although does tend to not last as well as some lipsticks do however it’s not as heavy as some lipsticks are. So I can see going into the warmer months this would actually be really good. Because you wouldn’t feel like your lips are melting off your face this shade is almost the exact same except it is map, and This next indie flick it is just a nice match version of what. I have on my lips right now. So if you wanted to go with something a little bit more retro or if you just refer a matte look on your lips This a good option for you finally we have the Revlon color burst matte balm, and audacious much lighter than the rest of these. So it’s actually a lot easier to wear. Because it is. So much lighter even though it is in more of a striking color. Because it’s. So light it’s not as contrasted against your skin. I guess it’s not as much of a statement it’s a lot easier to wear then if. I had to just pick one from this category it would be hot Somali within the next butter lipstick range it’s wonderful. I love how it feels on my lips, and the color is really pretty, and also the price point on This amazing now we move on it. I like the bright very family this first one is one of only two high-end lipsticks that, I’ll going to mention in this post everything else is drugstore This my beef it’s their high just smooth lip color in dare me, and first of all this formula is fantastic it’s basically a very soothing lip balm you guys have seen this on me in my pinup makeup tutorial that. I did for Halloween last year. And I just think it’s a beautiful color it’s definitely just like a true warm berry color, and. Because of the formulation, and the color it’s just a very easy to wear very beautiful color but it’s also got that nice lightness to the formula. So that it’s easy to wear even when it’s getting warmer. So the next one is this Revlon color burst lipstick, and fuchsia, and that basically describes the color for once kind of that perfect line between being pink, and being purple. I don’t know how it really hits that but when.

I look at it. I could describe the color is pink. And I could kind of describe it as purple. And I think that’s really interesting, and really cool, and if you’re into very like pinky slightly purple lips it’s a really great option staying on the Revlon train. I have this lip butter from Revlon in sorbet. I think if you were looking for a drugstore dupe of the benefit one. I would go with this. Because it is very similar to it, and basically. I mean if you try the Revlon lip butters you know they feel comfortable on the lips they’re wonderful to wear, and it’s just a really pretty color, and then my final one in this category is Maybellines hot plum. I love this also from the valley line, and when the minutes came out last year. I think. I bought every color. Because. I have a problem with lipstick every time. I wear it. I get. So many compliments, and it’s really something that you wouldn’t expect to be good on my skin. Because it’s very purple. I mean it’s basically a bright purple that’s basically what color This, and for some reason it works. And I love it. So from this category, I’ll going to pick two favorites. Because. I really can’t choose between the two. And I have benefits there me, and then Maybelline hot plum of that family of colors. I would pick these two. And I would not choose between the two. Because you can’t make me. So finishing off with my everyday pinks, and these are definitely a little brighter. So first of all. I have marshmallow bunny by Too Faced.

I don’t know if you guys are tired about hearing about this one yet. Because. I talked about it a lot it is a nice warm chorally pink that’s still somewhat neutral um it can be a little bit too pink on me sometimes. I think once. I have a little bit of a tan which does happen by the way it works a little bit better the great like spree, and pretty, and just vivacious kind of color while still staying close enough to neutral that it’s not really going to ruffle any feathers or make anybody feel like you’re wearing way too much lipstick then we have the Revlon lip butter, and strawberry shortcake, and This in the same vein as the marshmallow bunny lipstick. I think it’s just significantly cooler. I don’t think is all the way to quite a cool tone lipstick. Because. I still see some warmth in it think it’s especially good for bare skin. Because it’s going to show up at that nice springy pink. And I love it’s very nice, and pretty, and easy doing This a little bit of a departure but. I didn’t know what category to put this one is cut it’s kind of special, and all on its own is the Revlon just kissable bitten nope just bitten kissable balm stain in sweetheart This another one that. I get crazy amounts of compliments on when. I wear it’s a very kind of warm hot pink, and you put this on, and it’s like a very pretty vibrant hot pink color like you would expect um, and then throughout the day. I touch it up with the baby lips in ink punch, and it’s a very similar hot pink color, and. Because it has just enough color to it basically this stains my lips, and then. I just touch up the color with this throughout the day, and This amazing like sweet tart pink like beautiful color. Because This a stain, and This lip on it is the most lightweight thing that you could possibly where it’s not going to go sliding down your face. I love it, and then, I’ll going to pick two from this kind of word again. Because of course. I cannot choose we have two faced marshmallow bunny would be my first pick, and then my second pic right behind that is the Revlon lip stain. I hope this helps you guys there might be an assembler situation to just think about bright pretty colors for a little while um, and hopefully. I gave you guys some good recommendations if you’re kind of looking for what to do with your makeup, and spring, and if. I mention any of these lipsticks, and you just thought oh my gosh that sounds amazing tell me about in the comments. So we can both just rave about it together, and then if you have a favorite lipstick that. I didn’t mention tell me about in the comments help enable my lipstick habit please. I will probably go on, and buy it if you tell me about it, and you tell me it’s amazing. Because. I have a little bit of a problem when it comes to lipstick just being honest anyway. I better go. I love you guys, I’ll see you in my next post what bye.

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