My February Hair care Makeup & Beauty Favorites

I thought for this post. I would switch things up. I do a lot of hair tutorials it’s basically what this whole my blog is dedicated to is a lot of tutorials, and showing you guys a lot of how-to steps. I don’t really do a whole lot of favorites or product reviews but, I’ve been thinking more, and more that it might actually be better for you guys if. I did. Because. I get a lot of requests about things that. I like what products do. I use, and what things do. I like to use on my hair both you know talking about just the styling tools that. I use, and also the products that. I use on my hair and. So, I’ve done hair care routine posts to kind of talk about that a little bit but. I feel like it would be really good if. I started doing some favorites posts where. I just talked more, and more about the things that, I’ll loving lately. So let me know what you think about that, I’ll really on board with it. I like the idea of sharing more with you guys but if you guys just don’t like that idea as much if you were kind of rather mistake more tutorials, and not get into that. And I promise. I will still be very tutorial oriented don’t worry um but you know just let me know do you like favorites posts do you like me reviewing products you did that’s helpful for you that’s what. I want to know um. So yeah, I’ll going to go ahead, and get started.

My February Hair care Makeup & Beauty Favorites Photo Gallery

I have to apologize for some reason none of my favorites this month our drug store, and or from the drugstore, and you know if you’ve watched my posts for a long time, I’ll very unfocused on trying to stay budget friendly, and trying to stay in the drugstore. Because. I understand that it’s just it’s not feasible for everybody to go out, and buy salon products. So I get that and, I’ll sorry that this time around it didn’t happen but if you want to check out some of my old hair care routine posts have a lot of recommendations for drugstore products there. I started personally using salon quality products just. So I would have something to test what, I’ve been trying in the drugstore against just. So I would know exactly how good they work. So I was trying the higher-end things, and kind of comparing, and seeing how you know different things work. So, I’ll going to start off with my favorite conditioner. I don’t have a favorite shampoo this month which is a little sad um my favorite conditioner this month has been the all soft conditioner by redden. I actually did get the shampoo with this, I’ll talk about that in a second but. I got this in the giant size. Because they were on sale at Ultra for less than the normal sizes. So it made sense in my head to get the giant size basically you have your argan oil here we’ve. I think the biggest trend in hairs things like conditioning treatments recently has been to add Moroccan, and argan oil and. So this one’s jumping on that bandwagon as well but. I really do love using Moroccan or argan oil in my hair. Because it does really add a lot of shine it is really nice, and conditioning. So, I’ll a big fan it also has the keratin protein in here which is another thing that. I really love. Because your hair is actually composed primarily of carrots, and protein, and adding more back into that can actually help your hair is strength those reasons, I’ll a big fan of this guy. I also really like that it doesn’t weigh my hair down too much. I found that it’s really hard to find a conditioner that sufficiently moisturizes my hair but doesn’t weigh it down. I think this one is a really good job of that. Because. I have really fine here. I have to be really picky it’s also really hard for me to get protein into my hair just. Because. I think maybe it’s. So fine. Because if you add too much protein back into your hair it can actually make it brittle, and break more easily you really have to find like. I hope healthy little medium there, and for me it’s always been hard to do that but this has really been helping what. I do have to say about the shampoo that goes along with this. I tried it. And I just wasn’t the biggest fan of it when. I first use it with my first wash.

I loved it was really left my hair really, I’ll just fluffy, and pretty it will take it glowed but the next time that. I wash my hair with it was just too much like my hair looked brittle, and it looked dry it’ll take. I hadn’t even used a conditioner on it even though. I had. And I don’t know if that’s. Because it was just too much protein for my hair or perhaps the shampoo has a ph that’s too high for my hair. I honestly don’t know, I’ll not really going to recommend it. I don’t love it but that’s. I did use it, and those were my thoughts on it next two things are leave in products. I am a huge leave-in conditioner fan. I have switched. So many people on to using leave-in conditioners my sister’s primarily they have very thick hair whereas. I had very fine hair, and for all of us it really did make a big difference in our hair it helps our hair to be more shiny, and manageable, and less frizzy really and. So, I’ve been a big fan of it and, I’ll always telling people that you have to use leave-in conditioners or just leave in treatments. I love them now you don’t have to use to these are just the two that. I liked on the first one is the alternate hemp organics spray leaving too sooner, and then the other one is healthy sexy hair soy renewal, I’ll going to talk about this one first of all let me note the packaging This very long, and very slender it’s kind of funny. I got it off of haut look. Because it was. I think sixty percent off or something like that it’s normally very pricey products and. So I got it for a big discount which is why. I bought it in the first place, I’ll going to read what it says is supposed to do this leave-in conditioner strengthens, and it angles the hair while even out the porosity of the hair it protects from thermal styling, and sun damage preventing damage, and providing moisture formulated with enzyme therapy, and certified organic botanicals including our patented him technology to extend the life of your hair color, and protect your hair from future damage my hair is not colored. So I don’t actually need this to help my hair colors day but.

I do definitely like that it evens out your hair is porosity, and it is. So preventive against damage on your hair now you might not know what your hairs porosity is essentially it refers to how much your hair absorbs moisture but it also can be affected by your cuticle layer on your hair now the outside layer of your hair is called the cuticle, and it’s made up of lots of little shingles that just lay across each other like that, and when the shingles are all are opened up the hair is more porous more stuff can get into it the other thing about it though is that when the shingles are opened up like that it actually makes the hair appeared dollar. Because everything isn’t laying down smooth. So if you want your hair to appear shinier, and if you’re healthier you actually want to have the hair at the cuticle laying down nice, and smooth, and closed up you don’t want to open, and frayed. So this one. I like. Because it helps to even out your hair is cute or, I’ll sorry your hairs ferocity and. So that’s something that. I feel my hair really needed it was starting to just kind of snag on itself a lot, and get on just a little bit frizzy, and a little bit crazy and. So I really like that. Because it does all my hair just from the inside out. I think, and it makes me not happier with it’s been just between using the conditioner, and then these two leave in conditioners, I’ll talking about it has just been. So much more shiny, and manageable. And I don’t know if. I can point out to just one specific thing but. I really do like about this one that it does even out your hair’s porosity. I think that’s very important it makes me very happy that. I had this one doing that then my next one. I actually think of you don’t really need to use these together. I just have a problem but this one. I think of as it kind of goes into your hair, and nourishes your hair from the inside out more this one to me seems a little bit more topical.

I don’t know that that’s the case it just kind of feels that way to me but basically what this one does let’s see it is to add instant shine, and protection control frizz boost moisture increase elasticity, and help smooth hair also speeds up drying time this one kind of reminded me a little bit of cheese silk infusion just in that it feels very silicon neon your hands, and you put it on, and it’s an immediate shine to your hair, and it immediately taints down any phrase that you see you know when you look at your hair, and you’re like oh that looks busy. So you put a treatment on are you put something on it, and then it immediately lays down it’s kind of what this one does. So this one seems more nourishing this one seems more topical but this one is definitely still going to nourish your hair if that makes sense they both. I mean yes this one’s that just as nourishing is this one is. I just feel like this one is more topical. Because it has such as silica T kind of gloss to it, and such an instant effect on your hair. So, I’ll going to say that people. I think with thicker hair going to like this one a little bit more. I think if your hair is medium to thick you’re really going to like this one. Because it adds that instant shine, and it instantly kind of pulls the hair down just a little bit not. So much that. I can’t use it. Because again. I have very fine hair. So if it was too much. I couldn’t use it at all but. I can use this just fine, and my hair has been no problem. So if you have thin hair like. I do you’ll probably like this but. I think the people that are going to like this the most are people with medium to thick hair just. Because of that instant shine, and just controlling factors that it has it also really does help to speed up your drying time. I read that on the bottle. And I was like uh-huh okay um but then. I used it. And I was like hey it actually works, I’ve just been using these together. I don’t know why. I started using them together but then. I really liked it. So I just kept doing it um. I would recommend this one if you’re just if you’re really wanting to work on the health of your hair. And I would recommend this one if you just want something that’s going to be a little bit more topical, and just work really quickly, and give you that nice, and sick gratification which sometimes you mess with things like this my favorite styling product has been my big sexy hair pump plus. I have the normal one there’s one that’s just the root pump. I can’t say it root pump, and then there’s one this route pump plus.

I like the plus my sister with um thick hair likes the just the normal without the plus better. So I guess it makes sense. Because. I have really thin here, and she has really thick hair. So she doesn’t need as much volume as. I do kind of makes sense to me um but. I really like this stuff. I have tried. So many mousses, and volumizing mousses. And I just never had found the results that. I like this one. Because what. I tend to find is that it wastes my hair down. And I can’t make it through my second day whenever. I use a moose. And I just always frustrates me but. I like using This especially when. I make my posts. And I do updos. Because it gives me that extra hold. And I really need that sometimes. Because it makes my hair just a little bit more obedient, and sometimes. I just really need that and. So I like this one. Because it adds that hold, and it adds that manageability to my hair it also does a good job of adding volume, and it doesn’t weigh my hair down. So I can do this in my hair, and you know if, I’ll filming on the day. And I can put this in my hair, and then my hair still makes it through the next day just fine where as with most mooses that. I use my hair is never going to make it through a second day. So I really like this stuff. I think it works very well. And I highly recommend it especially if you’re looking for something that’s going to be volumizing on here that tends to be rather limp, and just a little bit lifeless um. So those are all the products that, I’ve been using, and loving again if you want to see some directional recommendations go, and check out my old hair routine posts. Because those are some good products that. I use then. And I used, and loved them for a very long time before. I started trying other products and. So you can check that out if you need some more of those, and then. I wanted to do some youtuber favorites of the month just. Because. I love watching other you tubers. I mean. I sit down while, I’ll editing, I’ll watching other you tubers or you know any time that. I just have free time. And I just want to turn on something. I tend to watch YouTube posts and. So I love giving shootouts to the people that. I love, and watch a lot, and to mention is Dave my ADA. I think that’s how you say it that was my guess, and he’s been collaborating with Michelle Pham recently, and he’s actually a hair stylist on YouTube don’t watch a ton of her hair stylist on YouTube just. Because. I kind of like to see in my own little bubble. Because. I feel like he keeps me really original, and freshen doing my own thing but at the same time.

I do even. I like occasionally like to branch out. And I just saw that he was collaborating with Michelle and. So I took a look at what he was doing, and what. I liked about his posts is that he is has been doing a lot of posts for girls was very curly, and very thick hair. And I thought. I personally don’t experience um thick hair, I’ve styled a girl’s hair that has take care of my sister toxic hair. So I do tutorials that can be used on them but he’s actually using models with they care. So for those of you girls who have thick hair or really curly hair, and just feel like you kind of get a little bit frustrated that would be a good my blog for you to check out. Because he has those models there and. So you can actually see how it would look on girls that have like you know five times more hair than. I do. So I really do recommend that um, and again he’s Dave my ADA he’ll be down in the description box um let’s see who is my next one check in the mirror who. I heard about through missglamorazzi now. I love miss glamorize. I feel like probably everybody that watches my posts those who missglamorazzi is if you don’t should go check her out um but check in the mirror she’s a little bit newer to YouTube what. I love about her first of all she’s very knowledgeable she’s kind of like me, and that like if she finds something that she’s passionate about she becomes very knowledgeable about it um. And I love it. Because she knows. So much about skincare and. So I find that her posts are very fresh, and very original. Because she’s pulling from her own unresearched at her own content, and it’s not just repeating everything that we’ve already heard on YouTube. So, I’ve learned a lot of new stuff about skincare from her. And I love her personality she’s. So cute, and bubbly. And I like her take on makeup, and fashion as well, and it’s something that. I just kind of. I really dig it and. So I whenever, I’ll watching her makeup or her fashion it’s just something that really inspires me, and that. I have a fun time watching. So if you guys haven’t checked her out recommend her. I have two more who were my other two first one is an or shine, I’ve mentioned her before. And I haven’t mentioned her again. I love her adios she does mostly fashion these days a lot of fashion in fashion do it yourself posts which, I’ve been loving her do it yourself posts um, and her fashion look book posts. I absolutely love. Because. I feel like her. And I have very similar fashion, and she always inspires me to try new things, and try different things and. So if you’ve been liking my hair tutorials, and you kind of like the bohemian vibe that. I have or any of that kind of thing. I really recommend checking out her fashion posts cut. I feel like she. And I are very close to being on the same page, and she does do a lot of really good hair tutorials when she does hair tutorials.

I really liked them. So I recommend her quite a bit, and then my very last one is dusty Oh hunter. I love his posts oh my goodness he only. I think he has like twenty thousand subscribers, and he deserves. So many more he’s really funny. I really enjoy just watching his posts. Because he’s entertaining but he’s also very knowledgeable when it comes to makeup, and he’s very knowledgeable about his products. I always learned something when. I watch his posts. So, I’ll a big fan of his posts um he also knows a lot he does a lot of posts comparing different Mac products and. So for those of you guys who just kind of need an encyclopedia of Mac he’s actually a really good person to go to. I guess that’s a funny thing to recommend but that’s one of the things that, I’ve been helped by or helps with the most by him. So yeah. I really recommend his posts. I can’t say enough good things about these people. I really enjoy their posts and, I’ve been watching them quite a bit. So go check them out, and if you do, and you like their posts subscribe tell them. I say hi tell them. I love their posts anyway that’s it. I hope you guys don’t like this was kind of fun for me just to sit, and talk in front of the camera um let me know if you want to see more product reviews our favorites posts. I would love to really review the products that.

I use in my posts like the Connie are you wrapping wave the hot rollers that. I always use my Hot Tools irons. I need to talk about these things, I’ll always using them. And I never talked about them. So let me know if you guys would enjoy me adding these kind of posts. And I would love to again, I’ll still going to keep to my tutorials This not going to become all falls, and reviews all of a sudden Id love making tutorials. I love teaching, and basically and. So, I’ll not going to get away from that at all don’t worry but if you like the whole review, and hearing about proud said. I like let me know. Because. I would love to talk about them. And I just want to make sure that it’s cool with you guys first. Because you guys are the most important to me and. So that’s why. I always check, and always ask with you guys first. So anyway that long thing out of the way. I think. I am done um. I hope you guys like this post. And I will see my next post well bye.

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