Hey friends, Welcome back to my blog, I wanted to post my foundation routine since a lot of you have asked here’s my naked face, I thought it’d be appropriate for this post. Because we are starting from nothing to something and here’s what it ends up to look like with my foundation and my bronzer my contour everything on first step is always wash your face and Pat it dry make sure you don’t rub with the towel always Pat your face. Because it is very delicate skin and then continue to tone and moisturize doing your skincare routine and make sure you let your moisture to sink into your skin for at least 5 minutes before applying foundation to get best results next step is optional which is a primer, I tend to use primers. Because, I do have normal to dry skin and, I don’t really need it. But this is a great option by Tarte, and it’s a great coverage it lasts all day and it has SPF next is actually applying the foundation since, I didn’t mention that my skin is more normal to dry, I tend to gravitate towards foundations that are more luminous rather than matte for example Giorgio Armani luminous foundation or makeup primer HD foundation those are really great options when, I first start to apply foundation, I never actually put the brush into the foundation I’d take my fingers and, I place four dots on my face cheeks chin and forehead this way, I can actually control the amount that, I actually put on my face without resulting in a cake face my first layer is, I make sure to go in and do in circular motions this way it assures me that, I get an even coverage around my whole face and then when the second time, I go back in with the rest of my foundation, I use a tapping dabbing motion, I like this step.


Because it makes my face look really airbrushed and really flawless, I wanted to quickly talk about my two top favorite foundation brushes which is the first by Sigma f80 flat top kabuki it is perfect, I think everybody knows that. If you don’t, I don’t know where you have been living and my second favorite is by hourglass and number two foundation blush brush some people don’t like it. Because it is extremely soft. But it’s the perfect density that will help create that airbrushed finish that everyone and here’s what my face looks like after about one and a half and two pumps of foundation the redness around my nose and cheeks are gone my scars are covered on my chin next step is concealer my favor right now is by it cosmetics thereby by under-eye waterproof concealer it’s very lightweight another great alternative is NARS the radiant creamy concealer first, I start applying to my under eyes to cover those dark circles that, I have and bring it all the way down to my nose area right now my favorite tool to help on the concealer into the foundation is using the Sigma tapered kabuki f56 brush I’m blending the concealer into the foundation make sure you use some type of padding or dabbing motion you never want to rub underneath the eyes. Because the skin there is extremely delicate and very easily damaged next step is setting the concealer here you can use any type of powder that you like loose or pressed here, I went with the it cosmetics bye bye pours loose powder, I really like this powder. Because it does minimize the appearance of pores and it makes the under eye area look much more softer and flawless the last and final step is setting my foundation, I really like these two options by Urban Decay and Mac and literally after you finish all of your makeup, I go back in and set my entire face and it just feels. So good and that’s my entire foundation routine it’s very fast very easy and very effective, I hope you guys liked this post and actually got something out of it let me know what you guys think in the comments down below and.

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