Hey guys I hope you’re having a wonderful 2018 the flu tried to slow me down but. I am back. I can feel it this is going to be my year, and it’s going to be your year too. I asked on a poll what post you guys wanted me to post today and, I go to makeup look was the winner, I’m sure you guys know by now. I am no makeup artist but on my last makeup tutorial you guys left me.

MY GO-TO MAKEUP ROUTINE 2018 Photo Gallery

So many suggestions and since then. I have really stepped up my makeup game. So thanks to all your suggestions. I am very happy with my new and makeup routine. I have some stuff from Sephora from the drugstore and some new product launches as well. If you’d like to know how I create this glowy natural makeup look then keep on reading it’s already went ahead and moisturized my skin it’s the very first thing.

I do when. I get out of the shower like my skin is already dry. So in the winter time. I need the most hydrating of moisturizers. So the moisturizer that I’ve been loving is this Garnier skin active moisture bomb. I was instantly sold on the name but this leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated and, I don’t have any more dry patches next. I like to primary skin.

So lately abusing the Boscia perfecting white charcoal mattifying treatment primer. I find that. If I apply too much moisturizer to my face and eye makeup can get quite shiny throughout the day.. So I like to use this product to counteract that shininess but just helps to fill in my pores and give my makeup a really smooth finish. So use two pumps of this stuff and, I’m gonna focus it mostly in my t-zone because this is where. I get the most oily and this will help fill in any pores that.

I have around my nose go and don’t forget. I push it underneath my eyes as well to fill in those fine lines and, I’m just going to curl up my lashes. I like to do this before. I do my foundation and concealer because. I find it that this little tool here it just ends up taking it off this next product was actually recommended from one of you guys in my last makeup tutorial and it is the Marc Jacobs high liner matte gel eye crayon and, I have two color brownie here you guys. I love this stuff it’s a super creamy gel formula, and it’s waterproof which is perfect when it’s cold outside because my eyes are constantly watering. So, I’m just going to apply this to my water to help give my lashes a fuller appearance and when, I’m done with this product.

I don’t know why but. I always put it back in the box that it came in. I don’t know why. I love to keep boxes for some of my cosmetics you can see that – all right guys we’re making moves on to the face now to cover up my darkness under my eyes and the redness on the side of my nose, I’m going to go in with a new product that. I absolutely love, and it’s completely changed my makeup game, and it’s by it cosmetics it’s served by by under-eye in medium light now this is a full coverage anti-aging concealer and, I swear by this stuff. I know, I’m a little late to the game but. I love it.

. So I just applied the teeny as’ little amount to the back of my hand and sometimes even that’s too much.. So I like to pick this up on a concealer brush and, I’m just going to focus this on the dark circles underneath my eyes. So you might notice that. I use a lot of products but. I don’t use a lot of the product.

I just like to spot conceal that way, I’m not wearing a ton of makeup but. I still have the coverage where. I need it and then. I have a little blueness up here just put it on it covers everything. I love it and, I have a lot of redness around the sides of my nose and this is the only product that completely covers it up and, I’m gonna pick up the tiniest amount and push it up towards my lashes and just melt the product into my skin you guys look at the difference in my under eyes. I still can’t get over it my dark circles are completely covered if you’re looking for a full coverage concealer. I highly recommend this one from it cosmetics it just goes on.

So nicely it has a really glowy finish and, I know it’s a little bit expensive but as you saw you only need the tiniest amount now to even have the skin tone on the rest of my face, I’m going to go in with the it cosmetics CC cream in the color fair now. I don’t know why you guys didn’t tell me about this product sooner. I absolutely love it and it has been a makeup game changer now although this is a CC cream it’s quite full coverage but for those no makeup makeup days. I just apply it with my fingers and really blend it into my skin it just leaves my skin look really unnatural and glowy and you can barely tell them wearing anything at all.. So I only use about a half pump of this and then. I mix it with a half pump of my makeup for ever ultra HD foundation in the color Y 2 to 5 just to warm it up a little bit I’ve always been a concoction type of person.

I love mixing my foundations concealers hair products everything. I don’t know. I just believe that they work better that way. So once. I mix them together, I’m just going to dab it all over my face focusing mostly in the center on my cheeks and on my chin just where. I need a little bit of extra coverage and, I’m just going to blend it out with my Beauty Blender as you can see it you really don’t need a lot of it. I used a very thin amount and it just evened out my complexion and, I love how it just gives this really nice like glowy healthy finish.

I just love how I look. So much more awake next up, I’m going to highlight and, I’m using this old faithful it’s the Maybelline age rewind in the color and neutralizer this has a really lovely yellow undertone and it just helps to brighten up my under eyes.. So I like to apply this in a triangle underneath my eyes sometimes. I put a little bit on my chin and I’ll even run it down the bridge of my nose to give it a sharper look and then again, I’m just going to blend everything in with the good old Beauty Blender next up my brows. I feel it really helps tie everything in together and, I love this brow powder by quo and this is in the color taupe.

So I just pick it up on this little angled brush and, I’m just going to place this right at the front of my eyebrow and, I’m just going to draw a line across the bottom of my brow look at my hand is so shaky right now. So once. I drive these lines, I’m just going to feather it upwards now to fill in the arch and the tail of my brow I’ve been loving Maybelline’s new total temptation brow definer and this is in the color 3:05 it’s soft brown let me show you guys why. I love this product. So much it has this tiny little round spoolie on the end which is absolutely perfect for brushing out your brows and then let me show you it has this tiny diamond shaped penciled it just allows you to create the most precise brow hairs you guys. I love this product it is the best brow product that I’ve ever tried from the drugstore you ah there we go much better and, I’m just going to run this bully through to soften them up and then to help lock in my brows, I’m going to go in with the glossy a boy brow and this is in the color brown and, I just use a tiny amount focusing it mostly on the arch of my eyebrow.

I just find that it helps to beef up my brows anyone else drinking the glossier kool-aid. I just love their products next up one of my all-time favorite steps when doing my makeup is bronzer. I love any more back into my skin and this one here I’ve been grabbing basically every single day since the summer, and it’s the Too Faced chocolate Soleil matte bronzer in medium and can we just take a second to appreciate how wonderful this smell oh my goodness. I love it. So, I’m just picking this up on a bronzer brush and, I usually focus most of this on my cheeks when. I first got this. I went to Sephora and, I tested it against like five other really popular bronzers from Sephora and this is the only one that didn’t show up Orange on my skin.

So I absolutely love it. I wear it on like no makeup makeup days because it goes I’m. So smooth and its really buildable. So. If I want like a more full glam look then I’ll use it to contour which is probably wrong but anyways. I like it and then once, I’m done bronzing my cheeks.

I like to do my chin because you know that cut jaw line is very in right now and, I have a very soft jaw.. So I like to define it a little bit and then. I love to bronze my forehead now to go in and highlight the high points of my face. I love to layer my highlighters. So, I’m first going to go in with a cream one, and it’s the glossy a halo scope in the color moonstone have you guys tried these. I really want to get my hands on the quartz ones.

If you have tried them I’d love to know which one is your favorite.. So I just rub my ring finger and middle finger on this really generously and then, I’m just going to apply it to the high points of my face. So like right here on my cheekbones you guys see what a glow this adds to my skin. I just love it especially on like no makeup makeup days. If I just want my skin to look a little more hydrated and glowy. I just apply a little bit of and go, I’m also going to apply this under the arch of my eyebrow the tip of my nose and my Cupid’s bow oh yes you guys.

I am glowing like. I said. I love highlighter. So, I’m not stopping there, I’m going to go in with this powder highlighter it’s mary-lou manizer by the balm. I just love the natural glow that this gives my skin but if you love a more blinding highlight you can definitely layer this up. I also love how long this has lasted in the summer time. I use this like all over my body and, I still haven’t hit pan.

So, I’m going to take my super fancy powder brush pinch it pick up some product and, I’m just going to apply it to the tops of my cheekbones. I saw a post where kendall jenner does this to apply her highlighter. If she does it. I can do too, I’m just gonna take this little tiny shadow brush, I’m gonna pick up some more highlighter and just place it underneath my brows, I’m going to apply the tiniest amount of blush it’s a very cold outside. So the moment. I step out the doors my cheeks get super rosy anyway. So, I’m gonna use this classic it’s Milan ease luminoso blush.

So, I’m just gonna apply a small amount on the apples of my cheeks. I find. If I apply too much that it will look like. I was wearing a ski mask and my face got winburn.. So I have to be really careful. So now that all of my face is done, I’m going to go back in with my Beauty Blender and just press all those powders into my skin now for my eyes.

I usually like to keep it really simple. So, I’m going to be using the new huda beauty warm brown obsessions palette and you guys. I am obsessed with this palette it’s my new go-to let me show you. I just love the combinations of Browns and reds. I just think. It’s so beautiful and look at this golden a coppery color in the middle I’ve yet to play with it but. I cannot wait.

So on this flat shadow brush, I’m just going to pick up this light color right here it’s super pigmented.. So I actually didn’t even need that much and, I’m just going to apply it all over my lid just to help neutralize it and then, I’m going to take this really beautiful matte warm brown at the bottom here and, I’m just going to run this in my crease and a little bit above it and then. I like to just kind of sweep it up and out to help lift my eyes now time for mascara. I have been loving Maybelline’s new total temptation mascara in the color blackest black first of all. I love this pinky nude packaging. I think it’s.

So chic and then secondly when. I saw this brush and you right away. I was going to love this mascara just look how big and fluffy this brushes and that’s exactly what it makes my eyelashes look like and thirdly it’s infused with coconut you know what. I like to smell my cosmetics sometimes and, I can appreciate the way that this smells.. So I am going to be applying falsies. So, I’m just going to do a really light coat and focus most of the mascara on my outer lashes there you have it that’s a lash transformation you guys.

I don’t know about you but once. I started wearing false lashes. I had a hard time not wearing them but ever since. I started using this mascara. I don’t feel the need to wear falsies as much. So yeah. I don’t wear falsies every single day but from going out at nighttime maybe it’s date night or a lot of times if, I’m posting.

I will wear them just because they help to lift up my eyes you will see a couple of my friends actually asked me to show them how I do my winged liner, and it’s like guys it’s just my lashes, I’m going to show you how. So there are two sets of lashes that, I’m currently switching back and forth from and they’re both from cased lashes. So you can find them on Amazon or Walmart they’re very affordable and the first pair is called flirty now. I just love how soft and natural these lashes are they have a tapered end but they are a little bit more dramatic.. So I would definitely save these for a night out.

So former everyday. I love this style shy just like me but these are a lot more subtle they’re still super soft and have that tapered end but he’s just going to have a lot more of a natural appearance on your eyes now. I do trim about 1/3 of my lashes off. So these ones are from the other day and you can just see how much shorter they are from the original one for the lash glue, I’m using the Ardell lash and this is in the color clear now this is a very dangerous way that. I do it.. So I don’t recommend it because I’ve actually gotten glue in my hair.

I just like to put a small amount on the back of my hand and then. I just dip the lashes into it and then once the glue starts to turn clear. I just place them onto my eyes using tweezers. So here. I am with lashes on. I think it makes such a huge yet subtle difference it just really helps to elongate and lift my eyes now where. I was done for my lips.

I always use this lip liner you can tell look how small it is this is by NYX. So it’s super affordable and this is in the color natural. I just love this. I feel like it’s my lips but better. So, I’m going to outline my lips to help give them a nice full appearance and then over top, I’m going to be using the maybelline superstay matte ink liquid lipstick in the color royalist. I have turned almost every single one of my friends onto this product. I absolutely love it.

I wore it to an event a couple of months ago it had some food had some drinks went to the washroom to touch up my lipstick and it had it budged no touching up necessary and I’ve been in love ever since in case you are wondering. I know you were but the smell of this is so pleasant and it has a really nice pointed doe foot applicator. So it makes applying it to your lips really easy it dries really quickly and you guys. I went to snowboarding over the weekend. So my lips are very chapped and it still goes over them nice and smooth and it feels. So natural throughout the day sometimes. I forget that, I’m even wearing it.

So there we have you guys this is my go-to makeup look depending what. I do for the day I’ll tone it down and make it a little more casual or I’ll tone it up and make it more glam like. I said, I’m no makeup artist but. I really hope that you found this post helpful and learn something new if you did like it please give it a thumbs up I’d love if you guys have any tips or tricks things that you think. I would benefit from please comment down below and I’d also love to know what your go-to makeup products are you guys had. So many wonderful suggestions last time and you really helped me improve my makeup game. So I’d love to know what you guys are loving.

So that. I can pick it up also all the products colors. I use as well as this super cozy top that I’ve been living in since. I got it will all be linked in the description box down below. So be sure to check that out and if you have any additional questions just leave them in the comments and I’ll definitely get back to you thank you guys again for reading. I hope you’re having the best 2018. So far and I’ll talk to you guys in my next post bye.

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